Some More Wu V. Jaa In The New Trailer For For SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES

It's clear that the biggest highlight of the upcoming release of director Soi Cheang's SPL 2: A Time For Consequences will be the cinematic match up between action stars Wu Jing and Tony Jaa. Much to our favor though, we now get to sample just a little bit more of the two going head-to-head in a brand new trailer following the first trailer last month; both take on similar tones, but this one has plenty of new footage between the action and drama that set it all up for the brutal finale to ensue. Plus, seeing Wu in a role completely opposite of what he played in the first film in 2005 opposite Donnie Yen will be a sure treat as well.

After busting a local gangster Hong in an undercover operation, hard-boiled cop Kit is captured by Hong's men and wakes up in jail in Thailand facing a life sentence. While in police custody, Hong strikes a deal with Kit's supervisor Wah to trade his freedom for Kit's. Wah traces Kit to Thailand and manages to convince to new prison guard Chai to help save Kit because Kit is one of the few eligible bone marrow donors who can save Chai's daughter, who's suffering from leukemia. Hong breaks out of jail and flees to Thailand and order Kit's executive. When Kit learns of Hong's jailbreak, he's determined to bring him to justice.
Max Zhang, Simon Yam and Louis Koo also star for film's June 18 release. Check out the trailer below in addition to a slew of new promo images for the film added in the album just beneath.

SPL 2 Character Posters


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