KINGSMAN Is On Its Way To A Sequel At Fox

Director Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service had a phenomenal theatrical run overseas and here in the states. $400 million dollars at the box office sure says a lot as well, which is a one-up for folks in line for live-action comic book and graphic novel adaptations, and there's no question that comic-book creator Mark Millar is a happy man for that.

So, what next? Well, of course there will be a sequel! Word from The Wrap states that an official studio announcement wasn't made but the word is that a second offering of gentlemanly secret-agent espionage and buttkickery is in the works at Fox following the first film which arrived in February. Actor Colin Firth plays an elite member of a secret organization of well-suited spies who takes in a troubled youth with the strong potential to become an agent himself in lieu of an evil tech genius's plot, with Taron Egerton and Samuel L. Jackson also starring.

We'll be hearing more on this as this now seems to be a thing while our dear director moves ahead with plans to direct a reboot of Flash Gordon as of two weeks ago. Stick around!


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