Iron Dragon TV And Well Go USA Are Screening BLADE OF KINGS Next Week!

At some point between the years on both ends of the new millenium, the Hong Kong action genre remained in its prominence with films led by young pop stars. One such title included the modern zany vampire action flick, The Twins Effect, themed around the popularity of Hong Kong singing duo Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung as they were leaving their mark on the big screen as actresses in a few action comedies of their own.

Quirky dialogue and stylish action with some vampiric lore featuring a particularly young cast are the formula here, and it surprisingly led to a sequel a year later which had absolutely nothing to do with it. That one was simply titled The Twins Effect 2 for its release with several of our young actors returning, including our lead actresses, with action legend Corey Yuen and Patrick Leung sharing the directors' hat. These films weren't for everyone as they were mainly for the younger crowd familiar with the cast, and action star legends Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan - both who share a place working on the first and second film.

Alas, the latter finally ended up with a more appropriate title for its DVD release just a few years ago with its acquisition by Well Go USA as Blade Of Kings. Still, for the fans and anyone interested and living in Texas willing to make the trip to Austin, the film is getting a screening on Tuesday, April 21 at 9:00pm at Violet Crown Cinema. The event page is up where tickets are available, and to familiarize yourself, check out the trailer below!

An ancient land ruled by a cruel empress (Qu Ying), is a place where men are subservient to women.  Despite her ruthlessness, the empress and her chief eunuch, Chiu Ngai (Daniel Wu), live in fear of a prophecy that says a boy shall rise to become emperor, and restore the reign of men.  To prevent this, the empress sends out her warriors to kill any child who fulfils the terms of the prediction… 
Charcoal Head (Jaycee Chan) and his brother Blockhead (Chen Po-lin) perform in a traveling show run by their foster father, Blackwood (Tony Leung Ka-fai). Their friend Tao (Edison Chen) gives them a stone with a treasure map engraved upon it. The pair set out on an epic journey to find fortune and glory. 
They are joined on their odyssey by two fierce warrior women, Blue Bird (Gillian Chung) and 13th Young Master (Charlene Choi), and, together have to survive a series of challenges.  The youngsters meet Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Donnie Yen), a master swordsman intent on overthrowing the empire.  To do so, Lone must first fight the Lord Of Armor (Jackie Chan) in order to gain access to the mysterious treasure. 
Finally, the boy who would be emperor must lead an army against the forces of the empress…


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