FURIOUS 8 Gets A Release Date. You Read That Correctly.

With events at this year's CinemaCon underway, it's been announced that Universal Pictures has officially planted a flag for Furious 8 on April 14, 2017. The recent seventh installment, Furious Seven, became a billion-dollar box office smash hit with domestic and global acclaim, continuing the fifteen-year long saga built on speed, in addition to a diverse cast and a sprawling narrative built on cars, thrilling action, and the biggest most thematically prevalent element within the film series, family.

The eighth installment will no doubt continue its story without one of its leads, late actor Paul Walker whose primary character, Brian O'Connor, was given a final send-off in Furious Seven under director James Wan, completed with real footage with Walker and footage rendered with his image through digital hybrid performances with the help of doubles, including brothers Caleb and Cody Walker. Previous reports have speculated as to whether or not Justin Lin who helmed all but two films within the series would return to direct the remaining films within the franchise, whilst Wan himself also has the option of doing the same between now and then.

There's no official word yet on who will return or join the new cast, although franchise principle Vin Diesel and action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are possibilities as well as Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham and others. Other updates since then have largely pertained to Diesel's publicity on the film with mentions of the forthcoming eighth entry as a portmanteau titling it "F8" - a film that would otherwise be "from Paul" as opposed to the seventh, which was, in essence a tribute to the late actor. The news is only breaking, but this was bound to happen considering the overall accolades being received through the film's commercial success, as well as the warm reception of the treatment of Walker's cinematic exit.

Stay tuned..

H/T: Variety


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