Catch The New Teaser For Live-Action Manga Feature, S: THE LAST POLICEMAN - RECOVERY OF OUR FUTURE

It was last year that Tokyo Boy helmer Hirano Shunichi put in time as director for the live-action TBS series, S: The Last Policeman. The series, based on the 2009 centered largely on two respective members of Japan's National Police Safetyrescue and its enforcement squad within, Special Assault Team who put  their differing personas aside to work together on numerous counterterrorism missions.

This August, the following the 2014 serial run, Hirano now takes the helm at expanding the property with the live-action installation, S: The Last Policeman - Recovery Of Our Future with actors Mukai Osamu and Ayano Go reprising their roles. Series scribe Furuya Kazunao returns to adapt the script based on the work of manga authors Komori Yoichi and Todo Yutaka with Aragaki Yui, Omori Nao and Hirayama Hiroyuki rounding out the current cast.


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