Bruce Willis To Carry Max Adams's PRECIOUS CARGO

Actor Bruce Willis's career in action movies isn't ending anytime soon. Deadline reports his next film will be shooting in Biloxi, Mississippi titled Precious Cargo, the first in a ten-picture deal between Emmett/Furla/Oasis and Lionsgate which will be sold at Cannes through Highland Film Group.

Willis will star as a crime boss looking to score on another person's heist, with helmer Max Adams directing from a script he wrote based on a 2008 short. The film is the latest Willis is set to star in following completion on Steven C. Miller's Extraction which adams co-wrote, with Willis's departure accompanied by director John Pogue from the revenge pic, Wake when financing complications arose earlier this year.

Extraction is expected to arrive in 2016 with other titles pending. Check back for more info as it comes!


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