What's With These Four Teaser Posters For THE MONKEY KING 2 3D

Imaginably, director Soi Cheang's most recent duties on next year's 3D release of The Monkey King 2 have been anything but monotonous. It's a task undoubtedly worth undertaking following thuurned to the set in late 2014 for the epic continuation of the mystical martial arts saga based on Wu Cheng'en's epic novel, Journey To The West, which now sees actor Aaron Kwok switching gears from playing the villain in the first film to the title role in this second outing for its pending Chinese New Year kick-off on Feburary 8, 2016.

Sammo Hung takes the helm for the action in this one with a cast headlined by Kwok in the company of Curse Of The Golden Flower star, actress Gong Li as The White Skeleton Demon with William Feng as the holy monk, Tang Sanzang, and his disciples, Xiao Shen Yang as the pig, Zhu Bajie, and actor Him Law as the sand monk, Sha Wujing. With this in mind check out four new teaser posters now available in the album below and stay tuned for further details.


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