Well Go USA Nabs WOLF WARRIOR For Release In North America!

The production of action star and debut director Wu Jing's newest helming effort, Wolf Warrior, has seen quite an addition to his journey in film. It certainly lended its fair share of physical challenges in recent months as well as technical ones, considering the film was supposed to release late last year at some point or another.

The film joins Wu principally with actress Yu Nan and fellow action star Scott Adkins in a story of a rebellious Chinese solider ousted from the army before being given a second chance with a special commando unit, only to end up in the crosshairs of a vengeful foreign mercenary and his team of killers. The film is poised to present another in an epic array of fantastic action sequences, one which will ultimately pit action star Wu and Adkins opposite each other for the first time, and even better, in 3D and IMAX when it releases in 
China on April 2. 

That said, fans of the genre in North America may be familiar with the recent patterned allocation of Asian action films through Texas-based Well Go USA, who have been a leading figure in showcasing Asian cinema in the U.S. for several years now. Lately, having theatrically presented films in select theaters and cities like Tsui Hark's The Taking Of Tiger Mountain at the top of the year before February's release of Jacob Cheng's Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal, the model here was done also, in part, to help combat piracy. 

It seems to be a working vehicle for the company as they move forward with their acquisitions and other endeavors, and as of this week with news broken from Screendaily, Well Go USA will be adding another - Wu's Wolf Warrior, to its platform, which could mean a possible limited theatrical release in North America and Canada as early as April 3 or a week thereafter.

With a pattern like this, Asian cinema lovers in the U.S. and abroad have plenty of reason to hope to catch titles like these on the big screen instead of just catching them straight-to-disc or on digital. It's what anyone who loves martial arts action could hope for, and for an opportunity to see Wu on the big screen stateside with Adkins, it's a plus to hardly argue against.

Stay tuned for a new trailer from Well Go USA and official details on its release!


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