Watch The New Trailer For Nishimura's Fantasy Ninja Epic, TORAKAGE

Director Nishimura Yoshihiro's resume is much ado with all sorts of envelope-pushing aesthetics for Japanese fantasy action, sci-fi and horror, with titles like Tokyo Gore Police and Zombie TV to name a few. With this, his latest contribution now in the form of Torakage (a.k.a. The Ninja War Of Torakage) should service nicely for those who can never get enough of some good ole' Sengoku-era splatter action with ninjas, sexy witches and creature lore.

Retired from ninja duty, Torakage lives a peaceful life in a small village with his wife and son. One day, Torakage’s son is kidnapped by his former master in an attempt to force him to break into a nearby castle and steal the Gold Scroll, the counterpart to her Silver Scroll, the two of which when brought together point the way to a vast treasure. Having no choice, Torakage and his wife sneak into the castle. However, their plan goes awry and the two are caught and turned over to the evil lord. Now, with his wife a hostage of the lord, Torakage must bring him the Silver Scroll held by his former master or forfeit her life! Utilizing weaponry crafted by an eccentric inventor, Torakage takes on both sides and plays them and their ninja armies off each other in the hope of saving his family.
The film, starring Saitoh Takumi and cult favorite Shiina Eihi, is still headed for film festival circulation in Brussels whence more festival screenings may be planned or expected before or after its June 20 release in Japan. In the meantime, check out the freshly released trailer just below.


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