The War For The Human Mind Begins In The New Webseries Trailer, THE TERMINAL

Fresh from its longstanding phase as a shortfilm shot back in 2009, executive producers Marc-Andre Miron & Plato Fountidakis and Concrete: Gangs Of Union City helmers, creators Matthew Bennett and Sasha Moric are currently preparing the brand new sci-fi action webseries, The Terminal. Fist Plus Face star, actor and martial artist Jonny Caines is currently tapped to join the project having worked on the earlier short with Bennett among other projects.

'The Terminal' tells the story of two secret groups - fighting to seize control of a sentient computer named 'Ether'.
Set in an alternate version of the present, 'Ether' was originally an attempt to use the Earth's natural electro-magnetic fields as a new telecommunications system. Initially tasked with monitoring the majority of world internet communication, the central computer at the core of the Ether project developed signs of sentient behaviour. The corporation responsible for the machine quickly detached the core and put it inside a secure lab, aboard a freighter in the Atlantic Ocean. It was at this time that the machine developed the ability to wirelessly tether itself to a human mind, and use those minds as randomized computational space. Soon after the machine connected to 10 minds, the ship was scuttled in the Atlantic.o
This was five years ago.
Today: The original corporation controlling the Ether has been disbanded. Two groups are aware of the Ether and it's abilities. One group, 'The Liberators', seeks to destroy it. The other group, 'The 2355' are attempting to force the computer to connect to every human mind on Earth. Since it is estimated that nearly 80 percent of the human minds on the planet are not capable of sustaining a connection with the Ether (causing death by aneurysm within minutes), this mass connection would be a culling of most of the human species.
The 10 human minds connected to the Ether are known to the two groups as 'The Terminal'.
A particular project like this represents yet another example of today's generation of stunt and screenfighting talent pursuing efforts to blend the best of both worlds between acting and martial arts. I spoke to Caines this week who spoke briefly about his work with the directors, specifically with Bennett who will be solely directing the project. "I'm really enjoying the universe and scope of this project -- there is so much underlying potential with it!" he says. "Working with Matthew is  just always such a pleasure... he has so many great ideas it allows me to do my job that much easier."

Further cast members are still pending, as well as specific changes to the story to help better fortify through its completion. On that note, a trailer was finally unveiled this week that further guarantees something visually stunning and epic, and even worthy of feature-length treatment should the series win over the approval of the viewing public. There are plans to start filming this year, which could take place anywhere between the next few months and the Fall season depending on financing. In the meantime, watch the trailer below!


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