THE HIT LIST - March 30, 2015

This was a bit of a last minute stretch as my weekend was a bit busy taking care of other things. Still, hopefully this list is ample enough to give you all something cool to look at. One honorable mention I'll lend is the latest short film trailer for The Betrayal, the debut video for Force Storm Entertainment. There are details you should check out in that regard so click here to learn more about it...

Now, let's get some stuntin' and freerunnin' goin' with today's enlisted reels from Jean-Paul Ly, Justin Charles Evans, Taylor Tai, Gaston Prado, Jordan Thoma, Ari Loeb and Kefi Abrikh, and the amazing talent on hand in the latest video from Ampisound!

Three shortfilm trailers have also made the list: Firstly, a new Predator movie is in the works, but fans of the character can expect something quite special from director James Bushe for the new short, Predator: Dark Ages. Adrian Bouchet, Amed Hashimi, Sabine Crossen, Ben loyd-Holmes, Jon Campling, Joe Egan and Philip Lane star in a story set where our titular hunter eyes a group of Templar knights for its prey. The short is coming soon and already has a social media following.

The next is a second trailer for an upcoming webseries called The Terminal, a sci-fi action packed story filled with detailed intrigue and espionage starring Jonny Caines with Matthew Bennett directing. I spoke with Bennett and cinematographer Sasha Moric about the project earlier last week and you may read more about by clicking here for further info.

The third is a short teaser for another stellar action short from filmmaker Bryan Sloyer with stuntwoman, action actress Amy Sturdivant. Queen is the name of the project, and if you're at all familiar with the growing caliber of Sloyer's action cinema tambre, this one should also service quite nicely. Peep the soundtrack too. Geez!

Queen caps off this roster of shortfilm trailers. Take a look at them!

This one gets a separate mention - it's a sample trailer for a project not yet filmed titled Snake, featuring Usurp Productions's own Mark Poletti and Ashley Waters-Harrison as a means of presenting a concept for something larger with nods to Harrison Ford or actor Ryan Gosling's role in Drive. There's no dialogue, but you can pretty much feel the beat of what's happening, and it is very exciting and well done. Peep it.

Going back behind-the-scenes for a short while, we also have two new videos going viral - The first one is from the EMC Monkeys (the second of two videos so far) looking into the current construction of a larger concept project called Evolution Of Fight. This time, we see member Xin Wuku and guest performer Jimmy Chhiu going for an inspired King Of Fighers-style fight scene as Kyo and Shen Woo, while having some extra fun of their own; The second comes with the mission now underway to crowdfund more episodes of Robot Underdog's inspired series, Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope. The video grants an electrifying pre-vizual iteration of the epic brawl between Gohan and young Trunks, and android killers 17 and 18, courtesy of stunt coordinator Tim Storms and his group, Creative Action Team. Watch both below!

And lastly, let's do some fighting! Watch Arcade Killers' latest 'Rooftop' test fight with Slobo and Duy Panouvic, a Raid-style concept fight based on a scene from the second film courtesy of Polish stunt team, Prime Fury, the new zombie short The Parkouring Dead with Travis Parker, Deangelo Harding and Beau Ray Bowels, and the latest manga-inspired experimental test fight, Gunsmith Cat, with witty and electric performances by Vonzell Carter, Michael Lehr and Natalie Padilla.

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