Scott Adkins Returns To Play Boyka In UNDISPUTED 4 This June

It's a week of really great news for fans of action star Scott Adkins. His most recent pairing with director Isaac Florentine for Compound B's Close Range wrapped earlier this year and two new titles have made headlines for him as well, with the current filming of Jarhead: The Siege and the forthcoming theatrical overseas release of his performance with action star and debut director, Wu Jing in Wolf Warrior next month.

Now comes word from The Action Elite that Adkins will be putting the tattoos, knee, wrist and ankle wraps once more as the cult character favorite, Yuri Boyka in a hotly awaited fourth installment of the Undisputed franchise starting this June. No doubt, Florentine will be back to direct in what will be his eighth movie with the actor and featuring fight choreography by Undisputed 3 action auteur Larnell Stovall, and screenwriter David N. White who wrote the script for the direct-to-video sequel with Michael Jai White and its third, all spun from Walter Hill's original 2002 movie with Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames.

The film itself has been a long time coming since being confirmed during Fantastic Fest in 2013 with no immediate movement, and it's one that comes with perpetual hype from fans who have wanted another in the face of the third film's faltering to movie piracy upon its release. So bear in mind the time it took for this film to finally come about as we can all safely say this movie almost didn't happen, because thankfully the production itself can finally movie forward with the promise of seeing Adkins do what he does best.

So, don't steal movies, and most of all, don't steal this one. Show your support by purchasing it legitmately and continuing the creative flow of successful action movies that deliver quality in full. And by all means, stay tuned for more info!


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