Scott Adkins Joins JARHEAD: THE SIEGE

Director Sam Mendes's 2005 film, Jarhead, always centered itself with me as a standalone war drama servicing some meaty character growth with the help of memorable performances. That said, I'm kind of caught off guard by the fact that a sequel was released last year just nine years later from director Don Michael Paul which was thankfully received enough that its now getting a third from The Prodigy helmer William Kaufman titled Jarhead: The Siege.

Kaufman will reteam once more with The Hit List and One In The Chamber screenwriter Chad Law and co-scribe Michael Weiss with a script that centers on a team of Marines who are assigned to protect a U.S. Embassy in the Middle East when it is suddenly under attack. The film also, in turn, reunites Law with lead action star Scott Adkins on the heels of completing their latest action thriller, Close Range, under director Isaac Florentine earlier this year. Rounding out the cast are Charlie Weber, Dante Basco, Romeo Miller and Sasha Elise Jackson for production to begin this week.

The new movie currently arrives in lieu of the forthcoming premiere of Kaufman's previous film, The Marine 4: Moving Target at Camera 12 Cinema on March 27 before its DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD release on April 21, in addition to the forthcoming release of the new sci-fi thriller, Daylight's End. Click here for more details on the event, and stay tuned for more information on Jarhead: The Siege as it develops.


  1. i wonder if this would be good:/
    I heard about Jarhead 2 but did not take interest because i was not interested in first movie.

    Close Range is not pleasing to me yet...i love Shadow of a Tear.
    wonder if this would be good:/


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