Kinberg And Blomkamp Board Robinson's THE LEVIATHAN

It wasn't too long ago that Irish filmmaker Ruairí Robinson impressed the hell out of the internet with The Leviathan, an original short conceptual sci-fi video with fitting nods to Moby Dick, set in the 22nd century where mankind has colonized many worlds and supraluminal travel is made possible by harvesting exotic matter from eggs of large creatures. It's been scoring points since making the rounds earlier this month and fans and critics have been advocating in support of Robinson and his contribution to the genre as an independent piece completed thanks in part to financing from the Irish Film Board and a jestful moment with Fight Club (1999) and Jumper (2008) scribe Jim Uhls which evidently spawned the creativity we now see in the video.

This week, it's all turning out quite favorably for Robinson with all the publicity he's been getting, now with word from Deadline that X-Men franchise scribe and film producer Simon Kinberg and District 9, Elysium and Chappie helmer Neill Blomkamp are on board as producer and executive producer, resepctively. The two beat out a whole roster of names looking to back the project with Kinberg whose first-look deal with 20th Century Fox could grant The Leviathan the backing it needs, and rightfully so. Blomkamp's attachment also lends credibility and significance to the project having lately become a champion favorite of sci-fi and fantasy storytelling among the niche, particularly since solidifying his position last month to direct the next Alien movie with Sigorney Weaver (and maybe Michael Biehn).

If this is at all news to you, then I invite you watch this concept below. This is about to be huge and you may not want to sleep on this.


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