It's Father And Zombie Daughter Against The World In The New Trailer For MAGGIE

The least you would exepct is to see your world turn upside down in the wake of a plague that turns people into sickly cannibals. That said, welcome to Maggie, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest world of spine-chilling chaos induced by director Henry Hobson and co-starring actress Abigail Breslin with a story centered on one Midwest father's devout protection of his ailing daughter amid her slow and agonizing transformation into a zombie.

The film has already scored some points from Lionsgate who pulled the film from its Toronto screening last year upon acquiring it. Thankfully the film will get its day at the TriBeCa film fest next month before it release on May 8, and for a small-scale zombie epic, Maggie definitely looks like a worthy treat worth enjoying this summer, filled with just the kind of intense drama you might be looking for in a zombie thriller of this kind, servicing a seemingly cool change of pace for Schwarzenegger compared to his usual blow 'em up flicks.

Watch the trailer below and keep an eye out for more news ahead.


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