HK FilMart 2015: Watch The Official Teaser Trailer For SPL 2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUNCES

I suppose it's been worth discussing the prospects of seeing actor Donnie Yen return to the fray in a potential sequel to his previous role in the 2005 crime pic, Sha Po Lang. One never immediately came, but it led to a small string of notable hits pairing him with filmmaker Wilson Yip as the two became the most defining pair in contemporary action cinema at the time, reintroducing audiences to the visionary brutality of the genre with stories toned in tragedy, dark heroism and stylish action to boot. It's the kind of filmmaking that sells to the hardcore niche, and director Soi Cheang is no stranger to this, having established himself quoted films like Dog Bite Dog and Shamo, and recent titles like Accident and Motorway before switching gears and stepping into CG-laden fantasy territory with last year's box office 3D smash hit, The Monkey King.

Alas, Cheang returns to the fore once more in revitalizing the designated fanbase with his latest sequel effort, SPL 2: A Time For Consequences, reinterpreting the very thematic setting of the first film predicated from Chinese astrology with a handful of new and old faces from both films. Here, Yip joins Paco Wong to produce from a script by screenwriters Jill Leung and Huang Ying with The Grandmaster co-star, actor Zhang Jin in a tale of one cop's mission to right wrongs on both sides of the badge and help save the life of a little girl. Joining him are actors Louis Koo and SPL star Simon Yam, along with international action star Tony Jaa whose own career beyond the Ong Bak and The Protector films, has been nothing short of propulsive, and especially with fellow SPL star Wu Jing returning to the fray and nearly crippling himself in a series of growing injuries that almost ended his own career after wrapping - Keyword here being *almost*, and, that should lend an idea of the amount of committment being given here by Wu and our actors in not only delivering a potentially great sequel film, but also hand-delivering possibly one of the biggest screenfighting bouts in all of 2015.

After busting a local gangster Hong in an undercover operation, hard-boiled cop Kit is captured by Hong's men and wakes up in jail in Thailand facing a life sentence. While in police custody, Hong strikes a deal with Kit's supervisor Wah to trade his freedom for Kit's. Wah traces Kit to Thailand and manages to convince to new prison guard Chai to help save Kit because Kit is one of the few eligible bone marrow donors who can save Chai's daughter, who's suffering from leukemia. Hong breaks out of jail and flees to Thailand and order Kit's executive. When Kit learns of Hong's jailbreak, he's determined to bring him to justice.
There's plenty here to appreciate for all the attributes being made, as can be seen in the latest full trailer which released on Monday morning as things went underway for this month's HK FilMart. A teaser leaked earlier this weekend and didn't show much, but the trailer here is crisp and clear will TONS of action and layers filled with intensity. Check it out below and mark the date in China for June 18, 2015 with later dates to follow!


  1. ok....ok...

    Asian Movie Pulse showed a teaser that was removed yesterday.
    This trailer just pumped up the blood in my veins!!!!

    please do not suck!


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