HK FilMart 2015: Ringo Lam's WILD CITY Gets A Full Trailer!

Hong Kong is the place to be right now for nearly any and all business now for Hong Kong directors, namely long-celebrated legendary filmmaker Ringo Lam now heralding his latest return to the fray with the new crime thriller, Wild City. It's Lam's latest since working on his share of the weight in the 2007 pic, Triangle, and with this in mind, those familar with the DNA of Lam's body of work will likely see this newest effort as an exceptional treat worth viewing.

A mystery beautiful woman carrying a case of money no one knows the story of behind that stunning face. She met two brothers and the adventure starts from here. This team of three being chased by the police and gangsters all came for the case of the money. They have no way to hide and no way to go but confronting the situation by showing the true of them.
The cast did see some coming and going before production but now lists Drug War and SPL 2: A Time For Consequences co-star Louis Koo leading with actress Tong Liya and actors Shawn Yue and Joseph Chang. Distribution Workshop picked up the international rights to the film earlier this month ahead of this week's events at the HKFilMart where Wild City has unleased its latest trailer with a release pending courtesy of Bravo Pictures. Take a look!


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