Will Smith To Star And Produce BOUNTY For Paramount

Actor Will Smith may not be battling aliens anytime soon in any capacity for an Independence Day sequel, and following 2013's After Earth, the jury is still out on how he feels about doing big-scale films aside from his current obligations to director David Ayer's Suicide Squad over in Vancouver this April. His latest film, Focus, with Suicide Squad co-star and leading lady Margot Robbie is certainly an exemplary change of pace and one that will hopefully set Smith in a more comfortable state of mind when it comes to doing bigger films. 

For now though, his attention is slightly geared toward more smaller projects which still sound equally intriguing given the plot set ups. In this instance, Paramount Pictures's newly announced action flick, Bounty, serves quite the example. The film's Boston, Massachusetts setting will accomodate Smith's role as a man wrongfully convicted for a murder he didn't commit, now on the loose as he must prove his innocence with the victim's widow offering a ten-million dollar bounty for his capture, fatal or other. Smith is producing the film under his banner at Overbrook Entertainment with Adam Kolbrenner of Madhouse Pictures with a script by Sascha Penn.

Personally, I dug After Earth and my review is here in case you're curious, so I hope that the film's shortcomings don't hinder him from doing larger projects. He's still a good actor who can sell movies, and his chemistry with son, actor Jayden Smith was quite good for that particular film's tone. At any rate, Bounty is coming with Smith set to star...and since every action thriller needs a villain to accomodate its hero, let's see who's going to do the hunting. Stick around!


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