WB's Live-Action ROBOTECH Is Back From Limbo, Andy Muschetti Sought To Direct

Aside from all the Transformers and Pacific Rim fanfare with live-action Patlabor plans taking effect in Japan, at least one other giant robot movie vehicle has been in the works for sometime now. 1985 was the year that Harmony Gold USA and Tatsunoko Productions saw the release of the animated epic science fiction action adventure series, Robotech, recycled from three earlier Japanese animated properties and distributed to the U.S. as a unique little series of its own.

That show was once set to start a path to the big screen in 2007 after landing at Warner Bros. with Toby MacGuire and Drew Crevello set to produce, although obviously there's been no movement. Eight years later this week it seems, word from Deadline has forwarded the news that the movie is now back on track, now with the oversight of Warner Bros.'s own Hollywood Gang Productions. Producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari are on board with a script by 300 scribe Michael Gordon centered on two young pilots who, with the help of giant robots crafted from crash-landed alien technology, become Earth's last hope against waves of attacks from intergalactic warriors looking to retrieve their flagships energy source, "the protoculture".

The production is looking to attach Mama helmer Andy Muschietti to direct and there's no word yet on when filming will start, so things are looking up for now. Let's hope this one sticks!



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