Watch The New Trailer For French-Language Spoof, THE TRUE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD

There have long been different iterations up for debate on just who legendary archer and folk hero Robin Hood really was. Well, leave it to writer and director Anthony Marciano to offer his own comical take on the original story, now in the form of Robin des Bois, la véritable histoire...or, The True Story Of Robin Hood with actors Max Boublil and Malik Bentalha and actress Géraldine Nakache starring. True or not, this one promises a fair share of giggles for all, rich or poor.

SYNOPSIS (Google Translated):
Robin Hood is a bad guy. He and his fellow Tuck have a very clear ethics in life: they rob the poor, women or the elderly. The rest? Too risky. But even the bad guys have dreams and theirs is to buy the brothel run most of the city, the Pussycat. Robin unstoppable when it comes to enrich themselves, then decided to get the money where it is located and plans to rob the cash taxes Nottingham. But his meeting with Sherwood gang of vigilantes who fly them the rich to give to the poor, will thwart his plans. Petit Jean, Marianne and their friends have indeed had exactly the same idea as him aim the Sheriff of Nottingham. The (true) story of Robin Hood can finally begin!
A new teaser is out this month ahead of its domestic release on April 15. Check out the trailer below! No English-subs unfortunately, but try to engage nonetheless.


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