The Latest Indiegogo For Austin St. John Starrer, SURVIVAL'S END, Asks One Question

It's been well over a decade since TV movie director and documentation, award-winning filmmaker Daniel E. Springen has sat in the director's chair, although much of his career has been spent as a producer for films like Contract Killer, Just Another Day, and last year's Frank vs. God. This year however, Springen is coming back to the fray in an all-new feature-length film now crowdfunding via Indiegogo for the brand new apocalyltic survivalist action thriller, Survival's End, the story set in a version of America ravaged by the virility of the Ebola virus where an ex-military specialist must use his tactical survial skills to help a band of survivors escape government-imposed death squads.

This, right here, sounds like a truly badass plot line worth selling as an action feature with all the potential to serve to sci-fi fans as well as action junkies. Of course though, every action movie needs a fantastic leading man to fill the shoes. Henceforth, that task now goes to actor Austin St. John, whose career stemming from the early nineties as a leading cast member in the American toku action family series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and the second of two subsequent feature films, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, has since led him on a path as journeyman helping others in the U.S. and around the world as an EMT paramedic and firefighter. St. John briefly discusses this in the latest campaign video to help fund the film, and there's no question that such experience will serve him will for a role of this caliber, on top of being a martial artists as well as a veteran screenfighter who is no stranger to the camera, provided the right choreographer comes on board. It also helps that St. John is also in touch with the Tokusatsu community as much as his fellow former Ranger cast and if you follow the Comic-Con scene enough, you're likely to spot him, in which case, your next chance to meet him will be in Oz in the latter half of June, and there's more information available at his official website.

At any rate, Survival's End is looking to help fill at least thirty percent of its budget through Indiegogo with the rest of the financing coming through from a film program at Florida's own Valencia College in Orlando. Watch the campaign video over at the official Indiegogo page where you'll find more details on the film, how you can help, and the perks you may earn as well.


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