THE HIT LIST - February 24, 2015

This week was a little nuts after trying to catch onto at least one more video for last week's post, so I didn't try too hard to hold out (actually, I did and fell asleep eventually, LOL) Luckily I managed to get everything I think I needed to so any late entries will just have to wait until next week. This one is pretty sizeable already what with all the crazy stunt reels and fight bits I found, so your mornings (or afternoons or evenings) should relatively be entertaining.

As always, there's plenty more freerunning to do in the world, and these guys are far from finished. Check out the latest from Marselo Martini, Ronnie Shalvis, and the dozens of athletes who attended the Singapore's Lion City Gathering earlier this month!

I didn't know this, but there's a tricking channel that's been online for a while now and the videos are simply amazing. Kudos to whoever started The Best Of Tricking channel and may you continue finding even more videos to create these wonderful montages that we could all probably watch forever and day!

I won't share all the videos here, just a few recent ones to help warm you up. Pull up a chair and marvel at the latest feats of Matt Emig, Marcel Jones and Daniel Graham, and the 'jazzy' pairing of Danny Etkin and Jacob Ellis courtesy of Etkin's own channel!

Alas, we get to have some fun with wrecks and fight bits from a plethora of new stunt reels by some of today's professional stunt performers. Featured are stuntwomen Suzuki Kimmy 鈴木希実, Lauren Mary Kim, Hannah Betts and Jennifer Badger, stuntmen James Hutchison, Airon Armstrong, Jacob Hugghins and Keith Cox, and a sick new workreel featuring the impressive work of stuntman and stunt coordinator, former Jackie Chan cohort Brad Allan!

I've also collected several shortfilm teasers this week. The first is still a mystery at the moment, courtesy of independent filmmaker, up-and-coming actor Andrew Saullo who can now be seen in the newly-released teaser for The Straggler. The project is Saullo's shortfilm debut and revolves around an unyielding dispute between a father and his former father in-law following the close call of his son's attempted kidnapping. The teaser's got some goods in it, so check it out and stick around in case it pops up online.

"Dream as if you'll live as if you'll die today..." - Such is the theme of the new upcoming short, Last Breath starring Sean LeeRoy as an amnesiac who awakens in a beach and must retrace his steps with only two clues in his possession: a ring and a photo of a mysterious woman. Last Breath is the latest product from indie banner Eternal Lion Studios where in-house filmmaker Jake Ramos has been making movies 2005, and the newly-released teaser is now making the rounds to introduce what Ramos has in store. It's a nice little nod to Christopher Nolan's Memento in my opinion. Take a look!

The next video headlines project that's been a couple of years in the making over in Memphis, Tennessee. The new short, I Am Spartan marks the latest foray into film by Society Of American Fight Directors member and Dance Nocturnal series founder, actor and choreographer Jyo Carolino, and fellow cohorts Kyle Baker and Geroge Hancock. Carolino stars in a story of a former solider's journey from a life of self-destruction to hopeful redemption through the most violent means. The result: Introspective drama coupled with an array of action sequences where everyone carries something sharp and deadly!

I Am Spartan also arrives this summer. Watch the teaser below!

...And finally, the fighting! It's February, but perfect timing nonetheless for you to catch onto the business involving the crew over at West Empire Productions, Ltd. The official channel has three new fight samplers featuring in-house filmmaker, choreographer and performer Lovel Johnson Jr. with performances by Ishida Sachiko, Narayana Cabral, Von Planters and Hope LaVelle. Take a look!

The next is a new video from the folks over at Singapore-based JKHH Films. They're a silly bunch and not the best of actors, but as always they're out to have fun and showcase their potential as hopeful stuntmen themselves, and their latest, 3 Guys, 2 Sequels, 1 Bag, is a pretty cool example. Watch it through to the end to get the twist.

Moral of the story: Don't steal another man's Berimbau or Mauaro Dos Santos will find you! Guerrero Capoeirista is the name of the latest short from Bogota-based Legionarius Films, showcasing some nicely-knit Capoeira indie action worth checking out!

The next is another lovely little test of action on film courtesy of filmmaker, stuntman and fight coordinator Matt Berberi with actress and stuntwoman Tara Macken in Agent 36. The setup? Our lead heroine's retrieval of a briefcase throws her in a bind with its key missing, and its bearer, played by Surawit Sae Kang ready to kill for it. Can Agent 36 get the key and live to tell the tale? Find out below!

....And last but FAR from least, you've helped fund it and supported it, and now it's finally here! Machinima proudly presents the latest debut from the team over at RobotUnderDog, Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope. Film duo Donnie and Rita McMillin have been at this for a few years now as they've been hard at work trying to adapt a fan-based telling of the future timeline centered on a much-older saiyan Gohan and young warrior-in-training, Trunks as they defend mankind against two rogue killers, Android 17 and Android 18, and for what it's worth, with all the last minute waiting and anxiety among fans, you certainly get how much of an undertaking this was. Criticisms aside, the action does this one some good justice.

Anton Bex and Jack Wald are joined by Lady Bloodfight star, actressAmy Johnston and actor Tyler Tackett,  with action direction by Leo Kei Angelos and stunt/fight coordination by Tim Storms and Lohan Buson.

Take a bow Rita and Donnie.

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