Shortfilm Review: CHAMELEON (2015)

At the time, 2013 saw the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for a spectacular new indie action series titled Streets Of Myth. That particular project is currently on hold, but it did introduce me to the cinematic stylings of filmmaker, actor and martial artist, Beau Fowler, whose strengths in front of the camera dare to equally match behind it as well.

Resultingly with a career eight years in the making, Fowler is onto his ninth shortfilm which is currently making the film festival rounds as we speak. Chameleon is the name of the project, a contained sci-fi action thriller set in a futuristic prison in Tokyo run by a global order where a rebel named Samantha, must convince her two apprehensive inmates to accept her help, or face Tai's interrogational wrath.

Chameleon was completed in just three filming days given compared to the six originally needed, whilst having delivered a near-solid proof-of-concept shortfilm with solid performances by actress Francesca Fowler and actors Jonathan Power, along with the ever-amazing Igawa Togo as the film's feared interrogator. The project also reunites Fowler with actor and choreographer Amed Hashimi since last year's shorfilm release, Bound, now following up with a stellar screenfighting performance opposite co-stars Andrew Koji and stunt coordinator Jean-Paul Ly.

Though time and budget constraints were an issue, Fowler manages to construct a well knit, darkly-lit world of secrecy and espionage though great writing and exceptional acting by our cast. At best, Chameleon marks yet another application of an original product which ought to garner enough potential for a more expanded venture in film, and one sure hopes the right people will take notice.

In the meantime, the first teaser trailer has been offered and is now available online for viewing. Check it out below!


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