NBC's WARRIOR Adds Lance Gross And Andy Allo

Television is currently the best place to catch some of the best action ever shot on film if movies can't come fast enough for you. For this, we look to NBC's most recent announcement of a new pilot for the potential series, Warrior, which is already getting some significant attention as of late with a cast that so far included actress Natalie Martinez leading opposite actor Will Yun Lee.

Crossbones series co-executive producer David DiGilio is scripting the pilot and is executive producing with Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald as things continue to take shape for director Phillip Noyce to helm. In the meantime, Deadline has reported the addition of two more names, Crisis co-star, actor Lance Gross, and actress/musician Andy Allo. The series itself described as being set in a grounded modern-day pseudo mystical setting with Martinez playing Kai Forrester, a troubled and damaged heroine working undercover with physical and spiritual guides to take down an international crime syndicate, YOMI.

Lee has been cast in the villainous role of Susano while Gross will star alongside Martinez in the role of Interpol Agent and former Navy Seal, Agent Golden, with Allo tackling the role of the crime syndicate's daughter. The series reunites Gross with Noyce following their work on Crisis, and Allo has previously done some television work as well with a few occasional spots several years ago on G4TV - one of my favorite go-to channels before network politics interfered. I've never seen Crisis as it's never been my cup of tea, but if there's one thing I enjoy in this instance, its good action on television, and having seen Martinez on screen and considering the genre at hand, I'm already sold.

I wonder who is designing the action for this series as I love the fact that more martial arts shows are coming to television. Stay tuned for more info!


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