Marko Zaror's REDEEMER Takes On A New Poster

We're still a ways from Santiago Violenta helmer Ernesto Diaz Espinoza's latest stint with Chilean action hero, actor Marko Zaror in the bilingual revenge opus, Redeemer, following its stellar film festival run late last year. At any rate, the film is getting release in North America from MPI Media's Dark Sky Films this summer with a date pending, and with an initial trailer already online, we now have a new poster making the rounds from the folks at XYZ Films who also produced the film. Take a look

Marko Zaror is Pardo, a man with a heavy burden on his soul, looking for a way to atone for his past sins. As a vigilante, he stops criminals in their tracks and gives them only one chance to ask for forgiveness. Bad guys being bad guys, they rarely listen, and so Pardo disposes of them in any gruesome way available to him at the moment. He’s just as likely to impale a man’s face with a giant hook as he is to beat someone bloody with good old-fashioned punches and flip-kicks. When he crosses paths with Bradock (Noah Segan), Pardo suddenly has an entire criminal organization to contend with and finds himself caring for a woman for the first time since the tragedy that sent him on his current course.
Redeemer is the fourth outing between Diaz and Zaror since the martial arts action star broke ground with the 2006 thriller, Kiltro. Zaror has since long been celebrated as a rising star for the niche which will hopefully grant him bigger roles, particularly now that he's poised to get his debut in the upcoming superhero short film, Zambo Dende from director Riccardo Gabrielli R. The actor is also expected in a few more previously annouced projects, one of which includes The Green Ghost which filmed in Texas this year, while his forthcoming actioner, One Good Thing opposite Raid favorite Yayan Ruhian remains on hold.

In the meantime, with Redeemer on the way, fans should otherwise be pleased with the result when the film arrives. I know I was. Watch the most recent trailer below and stay tuned for an official trailer and release date from Dark Sky Films!


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