Kiai-Kick Films Presents The Official Poster And Site Of The New Mini Webseries, CORNERED

Donald Brooks and Bobby Hernandez in the upcoming new series, CORNERED
The online independent action community is poised to add yet another to the list of entertaining gems viewable on the web this year. Dallas Fort Worth native and founder, Austin-based indie filmmaker Michael S. Moore has launched the official website for his thrilling new webseries, Cornered, and while no stranger to martial arts action, the latest bit of teaser footage he unveiled earlier this month offers something promising to look forward to ahead of its release.

Lead actor, martial artist and stuntman Donald Brooks headlines the story which forsees a cop's mission to fight his way through a gauntlet of deadly fighters to retrieve a briefcase and save the life of a woman from captivity. Interesting, as whatever is in that briefcase must be worth the extra effort, especially in a project themed with homages to a handful of the biggest names in recent martial arts movie history, and not for nothing either with actor and fight choreographer Aaron D. Alexander on hand to deliver the stylish coordination for a cast of this caliber.

At any rate, the series is also gracing hopeful fans with a fresh new poster which you can check out below.

Cornered will debut in four parts between episodes as long as seven-to-ten minutes. Brooks is joined by Kerry Ramsay, Sharmita Bhattacharya and Lindsey Lemke, with Bobby Hernandez, Rachel Wiese, Chris Cude, Geronimo Son, Yuki Ishiguro and Ron Leblanc rounding out the cast. Kindly pay a visit to the official Facebook page for the series to get a good footing of the content and further info that will be made available in the coming weeks!


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