Kellan Lutz And More To Star In EXTRACTION With Bruce Willis

Kellan Lutz in THE EXPENDABLES 3 From Lionsgate
Director Steven C. Miller's latest action thriller, Extraction, has only just begun filming, and casting news is finally making the rounds. The film began principal photography just yesterday in Mobile, Alabama with producers Randall Emmett and George Furla and Adam Goldworm on hand, and now the film has officially added one other key cast member for the film's plot.

Following the film's announcement last month with action stars Bruce Willis and MMA fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano attached, Deadline is confirming the addition of actor Kellan Lutz to the mix. Lutz will play Harry Turner, a rookie C.I.A. agent who sets out in search of his kidnapped father, played by Willis, against the wishes of his superiors in the wake of the construction of a super-weapon called the Condor; The report also expands on last week's news of Carano's addition by THR, detailing her role as Victoria, a relentless field operative assigned to hunt Harry down.

Deadline also reports the addition of three more cast members, Lone Survivor co-stars Dan Bilzerian, Lydia Hull and Tyler Olson, although no particulars on their respective roles are available at this time.

Lutz has been up-and-coming for several years now following his recurring role in The Twilight Saga with a number of roles in titles such as Arena, Java Heat, The Legend Of Hercules and last year's ensemble actioner, The Expendables 3. A film with the likes of Willis and Carano will definitely serve as an ample contribution to his efforts to bolster his career in action stardom, and hopefully he keeps it going; One other update that caught my attention a few years back was for a film called Tattoo for which Lutz was attached. Its got an intriguing plot and I certainly hope he sees it through.

Carano is currently on deck for several other titles up for release soon enough, including Bus 657 with Robert DeNiro and Dave Bautista, Kickboxer: Vengeance with Bautista and debut lead Alain Moussi, and her forthcoming role in Deadpool for 20th Century Fox alongside lead actor Ryan Renyolds. Stay tuned for more info.


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