Go Pound For Pound With The Cast And Crew Of POUND OF FLESH In A New Ten-Minute Featurette!

eOne is poised to release action star Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest action thriller, Pound Of Flesh in the U.S. this May while other territories currently await dates from their respective distributors. In the meantime, while it will be a few months before the film arrives so we can expect some more promotional gems to roll out between now and then.

That means, among other things, featurettes! And with specific thanks to the wandering eyes over at the Expendables Premiere fansite, there's a new ten-minute behind-the-scenes video now online for those curious to check out below. In it, you get smores of feedback and action-packed footage including Van Damme himself, who leads the film as a former black-ops agent on the hunt for the criminal network responsible for the heinous theft of his kidney in China with the life of his niece on the line.

You also get to hear from co-stars John Ralston, Aki Aleong, actress Charlotte Peters and martial arts action cinema legend, late actor Darren Shahlavi, as well as learn more about a few of the characters and their respective motives as well as the design of the fights with a look at Hong Kong cinema veteran fight choreographer and stunt coordinator, John Salvitti.

Watch below and stay tuned for more info.


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