Christian Howard Was Born Ready In The New Teaser For JACK!

Hold on to your mullets and hero poses! LA-based Threw A Glass Productions has a batch of new projects running in 2015, including one that dares to revitalize the classic 1980's action hero with a few laughs to spare. Meet Jack, an action hero of satire built from the remnants of action cinema glory from a time when Stallone and Schwarzenegger were at their peak. Such nostalgia comes courtesy of in-house writer and director, actor Christian Howard (Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, Warrioress) who stars in the title role, and for this, we now get a teaser that's worth every second he milks it for the camera.

Jack is a cop, in a world where crime doesn't take a day off, he is ready to uphold the Law, even if that means breaking the Law. Are you ready?
Howard spoke more on the project with co-creators, actor Fed Zanni and actress Katrinna Cooke in their latest ensemble interview with The Industree Standard which is now available online for your reading pleasure. Watch the teaser below and be sure to subscribe to the official Facebook page for more details as they come.


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