Beatings, Bruises And Drama Galore In GACHIBAN: NEW GENERATION 1 And 2. Watch The Trailers For Both!

The Gachiban film series has stood the test of time in the years since launching in 2008 as a spoof of Miike Takashi's Crows films. Nowadays you'll find well over twenty titles in the saga with several directors at the helm gearing toward a specific niche of fans who've grown extra fond of the Yanki movie sub-genre category that's been observed time and again in several films and franchises focused on young, twenty-something delinquents who get caught up in their own respective troubles often coupled with outlandish humor and climatic battles with over-the-top fisticuffs and brawls galore.

As such, actor Jinnai Sho is now the center of focus in two new installments which released in Japan back in late January and just last week with the latest twofer in Gachiban: New Generation - Part 1 and Gachiban: New Generation - Part 2. Takashi Motoki, who has directed many of the Gachiban films in the saga's evolution is back in the chair with a script by Iketani Masao; Yonehara Kousuke, Tawada Hideya, Nitta Megumi, Daigo (Chidori), Uehara Keita and Hyuuga Jo round out the cast.

I can't find a description anywhere for either part except the nonsensical Google translations that don't provide much, but feel free to try and follow the basic idea from the trailers below and stay tuned for more information.


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