Watch The Teaser And Trailer For Khmer Martial Arts Vigilante Flick, HANUMAN: YEAR OF THE MONKEY

Cambodia is about to get a dose of hard-hitting vigilante action next month when Italian filmmaker Jimmy Henderson gets to release his latest contribution to martial arts action cinema in Hanuman: Year Of The Monkey. Henderson also Khmer-language actioner with Michael Hodgson which stars Dara Our and Sophakmith Ung with Savin Phillip as the elderly villain.

Incidentally, the film is also a grand opportunity for Henderson to introduce Cambodia's seldom-known ancient martial arts style of Bokator in the same fashion as a handful of contemporary martial arts actioners as of late. This, coupled with the applied vision seen in last year's teaser and official trailer makes Hanuman: Year Of The Monkey, look something truly worthwhile for fans to enjoy.

Twelve years after witnessing the murder of his father by the ruthless crime Lord Kim Veng and his gang, Vicheat comes back to Phnom Penh in search of revenge. Vicheat reunites with his brother Srong, who's now a hard working police man and has a wife and daughter. Srong tells Vicheat that he has been following Kim Veng's criminal activities for the all these years and the other criminals involved. Vicheat wearing a Hanuman mask starts his quest taking down Kim Veng gang members one by one. Until one day when Vicheat actions put in jeopardize the safety of his brother family and he's forced to decide between his personal bloodlust or saving his brother life. 
Watch the teaser and trailer below, and feel free to lend your support at the official Facebook page for the film.


  1. Cambodia?
    the text and the way they speak feels like Indonesia:/

    movie looks alright but feels like a waste because it focus too much on violence:/


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