Remember Actor Darren Shahlavi In A New ZAMBO DENDE Featurette

In our continued coverage of the death of actor and martial arts action star Darren Shahlavi, new behind-the-scenes pictures and footage have been unveiled along with an exclusive unreleased promotional photo from the production of the upcoming superhero short, Zambo Dende. The video you're about to see was hosted at official Facebook page for 7gLAB, home of comic book creator Nicolas Rodriguez's popular Latin American superhero comic book franchise which filmed last year in Bogota, Columbia starring Chilean action superstar Marko Zaror, along with Tait Fletcher, Esteban Cueto and actress Michelle Lee with direcror Riccardo Gabrielli R at the helm.

According to several social media posts from relatives that just broke the news in the last twenty four hours, Shahlavi was discovered on January 14, 2014 in his Los Angeles home where it is said he died peacefully in his sleep. In addition to family and friends, the rising action star leaves behind a sprawling generation of martial arts cinema fans with a career that embodies a legacy among the greatest of greats in movie history. He was 42.

Check out the video and subsequent album below, with the first photo consisting of a previously unreleased image of Shahlavi in costume courtesy of crew member Andres Valcarcel.


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