PSYCHO PASS Releases In Japan With US Date Pending

Following its serial run since 2012, director Shiotani Naoyoshi's latest feature-length installment of Production I.G.'s action packed sci-fi anime, Psycho Pass is making its theatrical run as of January 9 courtesy of Toho. Funimation currently has the rights while North American audiences await a release date, but those familiar with the franchise may enjoy what the film has to offer from Urobuchi Gem's screenplay with Fukami Makoto.

The year is 2112. Rookie inspector Akane Tsunemori and enforcer Shinya Kogami cross paths with one man. That man, Shogo Makishima, turns out to be the mastermind of a past case and Kogami’s target for revenge. 
When Makishima goes on to shake the foundations of a peacekeeping system, he poses the question about where justice exists. In time, Kogami takes justice into his own hands against Makishima before he goes into hiding… 
In the year 2116, the government of Japan begins exporting the Sibyl System and unmanned robot drones to conflict areas in an attempt to spread its system to all corners of the globe. SEAUn — the Southeast Asia Union — decides to test the Sibyl System, and with it the floating city of Shambhalafloat achieves fleeting peace and security. 
However, shortly thereafter, terrorists from SEAUn enter Japanese soil… 
With the involvement of one man, the terrorists attempt to sneak through the Sibyl System and launch an attack against the system’s brain. Akane Tsunemori of the Criminal Investigation Division sets off to investigate Shambhalafloat. 
The truth of the justice brought down on a new land is revealed…
Promotion for the film began back in November last year, but you can watch its latest trailer in the player below.


  1. look good, will definitely watch but later.

    by the way when is Ninja Scroll 2 coming out?


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