NINJA/NINJA 2 Blu-Ray Double Feature Coming This March!

Whether on the streets of New York City or in the jungles of Burma, modern-day Ninjutsu warrior Casey Bowman has seen his share of adventures, laden with action, romance ultimate bloody vengeance. Such is that of the role portrayed by martial arts action powerhouse Scott Adkins in the 2009 martial arts action thriller, Ninja, and its 2013 sequel, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear.

Both films are among a longer and memorable shared work history between Adkins and director Isaac Florentine who are continuing their legacy right now with the production of Close Range. With that in mind, it brings to curiosity whether Florentine's accomplishment in reintroducing action films stylistic of classic 80's and 90's ninja movies for today's niche will see a third in place, and I for one hope to see that happen.

In the meantime, both first and second parts are expected to arrive in the form of a double feature Blu-Ray edition from Millennium Entertainment on March 10, 2015. You can currently pre-order your U.S. copy at Amazon.


  1. Ninja was an ok movie, some bits were stupid.
    Some fights were cool and others cheesy.

    but Shadow of a Tear is a must watch on Bluray!


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