Natalie Burn Takes On An Island Of Killers In The Latest Trailer For AWAKEN

Films like The Condemned and Escape Plan come to mind when watching the latest trailer for Mark Atkins's newest survival thriller, Awaken, which pits a random group of captives on a secluded island against a swarm of killers in a sinster plot to hunt them for their organs.

Actress Natalie Burn stars and also produces and wrote the screenplay, and she displays some pretty good physical prowess based on the footage below; Point in fact, she appears briefly in last year's The Expendables 3 alongside Mel Gibson and I never would have suspected it was her, so I'm glad she stands out much more this time around in such a strong female role, and I certainly hope to see more of her in the long run as well.

Actress Daryl Hannah gives her latest sinister performance to date as the villainess alongside Jason London, and actors Vinnie Jones and Robert Davi who are always fun to see. And as with every blue moon that appears, so does actor Edward Furlong who also joins the cast in their daring efforts for survival.

Check it all out below and keep your eyes peeled for a release!


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