MMA Action Drama, STREET, Is On The Way!

It'll be interesting to see how 2015 goes in the world of tournament thrillers. Post-production is underway for a new mixed martial arts drama now in the form of Street, which is hell of a title for an action flick of this kind. The film grants actor Beau Casper Smart his latest leading role, and considering a lot of his credits include dance features like Step Up 3D and Jon M. Chu's The LXD - The League Of Extraordinary Dancers webseries, it seems like something worth looking to for a role as athletic as this one.

Arnold Chon is the fight coordinator for this project and with a resume like his leading up to the current production of The Green Ghost in Texas with rising action stars Marko Zaror and Michelle Lee, I'm pretty psyched about how this one could look. There are already a handful of photos and posters that are available at the official Facebook page, but we finally have an official press release to denote the goods!
Beverly Hills, CA, January 26, 2015 --( The film centers around a young man named Remo Street (played by Beau Casper Smart), a former wrestling champion who spends his days job searching and with great ingenuity forces himself to train at night whenever and however he can. It seems his life long dream of becoming a professional fighter just might elude him until one fateful night when destiny takes him an entirely new direction. 
While finishing one evening from a days job hunt this young man is forced to fight for his life when a chance encounter with a beautiful woman puts him in the corner of an up and coming champion, a Russian gangster and the seedy underworld of arson, gambling and bare knuckle boxing. His passion for fighting becomes a struggle to train a heartless champ and keep his family safe while he balances between the two worlds. 
As a MMA fight film produced by veteran producer Lyle Howry and Emmy award director Bradford May ,it will more than satisfy the hard-line fight fans. Choreographed by Arnold Chon, one of the industry’s most knowledgeable fight coordinators in on-screen MMA fights, every fight seen is action packed, believable, and delivers with a “punch.” That, coupled with Beau Casper Smart’s athleticism and acting performance, along with featuring some of MMA’s best fighters - past and present, such as: Frank Trigg, Emanuel Newton, Matt Mitrione, Uriah Hall, Jay Hieron, and one of WWE’s finest – John Hennigan (aka Johnny Nitro), makes Street destined to be on the top list of every fight enthusiast. Paralleling movies like Rocky and Rudy, Street is also an underdog film about second changes, redemption, faith, belief, and... never quitting. As such, the film is both heart-felt, motivational and inspiring.


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