JCVD Pounds Away In The New Unofficial Teaser For POUND OF FLESH

Well, if there's one thing we can all look forward to in 2015, it's another awesome action movie, and for fans of leading man Jean-Claude Van Damme, that very day will come upon the release of his third stint with 6 Bullets and Assassination Games helmer, director Ernie Barbarash in the new thriller, Pound Of Flesh. This time, Van Damme is taking no prisoners as an ex-military man, waking up one morning in a bloody ice bath with a missing kidney devoted to his dying niece, infiltrating China's seedy underbelly to retrive it before it is sold to the highest bidder.

Regular Donnie Yen cohort, fight coordinator and choreographer John Salvitti lends his own system of Salvitti Super Scraps methodology to the screenfighting foray with Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited designing the vehicular action, and we finally have some unofficial teaser footage that samples all this, with the biggest pay-off at the very end clearly showing our lead action star in his element. Of course, the film also lends a bittersweet farewell to late actor and martial arts star Darren Shahlavi who sadly passed away on January 14 this year at the age of 42, making Pound Of Flesh one of several final on-screen performances to come this year in addition to Van Damme's appearance in Kickboxer: Vengeance later this year.

Kirk Shaw and Henry Luk produced the film with Jason Tobin, Andrew Ng, and veteran actor Aki Aleong rounding out the main cast. Check it all out below!


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