Innocence Is Lost In The New Trailer For Period Actioner, EMPIRE OF LUST

Award-winning South Korean director Ahn Sang-Hoon's latest period flick certainly bares its share of turmoil and action, and maybe even a little skin to befit its working title, Empire Of Lust (a.k.a. Age Of Innocence), which is set for release this March in South Korea. Actor Shin Ha-Kyun returns to the screen after his most recent stint as the mastermind in Choi Ho's holiday action romp, The Big Match, now donning 14th century royal garb in a story centered on a Joseon-era commander who falls in love with a female courtesan and does her bidding.

What could go wrong?

Answer? Well, pretty much anything when other people and their ambitions are involved. Alas; you have a story woven in love, lust, betrayal, greed and political upheaval, which is always a great formula for a film of this caliber. And to satisfy your curiosity, we now have a first teaser to present a brief look in Ahn's world of tumult and toxic royalty, armed to the teeth with arrows and bloodshed. Yes, this could get messy. Volcano High star Jang Hyuk, No Tears For The Dead co-star Kang Han-Na and actor Kang Ha-Neul round out the cast.

Watch it below!


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