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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Watch The Powerful First Episode Of Epic Rival's CLANDESTINE

It probably dawned on many of you who may have been following the workings of online film production group, Thousand Pounds Action Company, since promoting and successfully fundraising their newest action series, Clandestine, why it feels like it has taken forever to see what the project has to offer. It probably feels the same way for its creative trio, Chris Cowan, Haile Lee and Lex Randleman, who kicked off their second film production arm, Epic Rival, back in April, while doing their best to help bring Clandestine to its fullest potential. That, of course, meant taking it to various studios for any number of meetings to see about possible network expansion, and deservedly so.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

THE GRANDMASTER 3D Re-Release Issues New Posters And A Trailer

Aside from all its accolades, director Wong Kar Wai's most recent kung fu epic, The Grandmaster, is probably the most lauded by critics for the tedious approach its helmer has taken to bring about a perfect version, of which there have already been several in the past year or so. Nontheless, Wong took it upon himself earlier this year to take the film back under the knife once more for a 3D conversion announced earlier this year in the hopes of creating a more streamlined and cohesive film, one that will likely be much more shorter than its original Chinese release. Alas, the newly 3D-converted film will be getting a 111-minute duration with some newer footage for its China audience beginning on January 8, 2015.

Joseon's Greatest Detective Returns In The New Teaser For DETECTIVE K: THE LABORER'S DAUGHTER

Despite however you may feel about movies based on books or other mediums, fans of Joseon-era action comedies have surely gotten a kick out of director Kim Suk-Yoon's 2011 whodunit flick, Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow. Clearly it did well enough for itself having initally spawned from a 2007 publication by author Kim Tak-Hwan, and with interest in a sequel brings the return of lead actors Kim Myung-Min and Oh Dal-Su to reprise their roles from the first in the upcoming release of Detective K: The Laborer's Daughter with award-winning actress Lee Yeon-Hee also starring.

ROPE-A-DOPE 2 Gets An Online Date And Poster!

Internet martial arts action sensation, actor and stuntman Eric Jacobus has made a name for himself with over a decade of innovative choreography and storytelling to fulfill the voracious needs of genre fans everywhere. He certainly achieved great notoriety with last year's shortfilm release, Rope-A-Dope, which became a festival hit prior to its acclaim online earning the approval of fans virtually everywhere. However, if you thought he was just going to rest on his laurels and end it there, think again.

Wu Jing Offers Three New WOLF WARRIOR Posters With Attitude!

It probably doesn't help that it feels more and more like a tease to see all these posters for action star Wu Jing's directorial debut, Wolf Warrior. The famed martial arts wunderkind has grown immensely in his craft over the years, whilst having recently been placed on leave to heal from his share of on-set injuries just after filming Cheang Pou-Soi's S.P.L.: A Time For Consequences, and hopefully absence from the screen won't be a permanent one.

Monday, December 29, 2014

THE HIT LIST - December 29, 2014

It's been another amazing year of presenting independent action to help their respective creators attain bigger audiences. There were a few that were supposed to come out by now, but unfortunately some of those (as usual) tend to take longer, whether or not they have to do with post-production or other plans for allocation. Maybe 2015 will bring better, much deserved prospects. Action films need to get better, and the folks included in this week's Hit List are just a handful of people worthy to help in this cause.

A Case For Better Action Movies: NINJA: SHADOW OF A TEAR (2013)

The wheels are currently spinning for the latest reunion between filmmaker Isaac Florentine and martial arts action hero Scott Adkins for their latest project, Close Range. With that in mind, it's well over a year since the two gathered for one of Fantastic Fest's most memorable action hits at the time, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, and most of the reviews were nothing short of positive in acknowledging its lead performer as worthy of bigger and greater roles - preferably from a Hollywood standpoint.

Watch The Explosive International Trailer For EVERLY Starring Salma Hayek

If there's one thing we can ask for with all the hype stemming from the fanfare building since the Fantastic Fest premiere of director Joe Lynch's newest action thriller, Everly, is that we finally get to see some footage. Thankfully, an international version of the latest trailer started going viral, and if you're expecting to see actress Salma Hayek as a one-woman army singlehandedly take on the Yakuza in festive display of bullets, blades and buckets of blood, then that's exactly what you're going to get.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yayan Ruhian Sports A Ghastly Image On The Set Of COMIC 8: CASINO KINGS

Indonesia's current film climate is a lagging a bit nowadays, and there have been casualties as a result-namely whatever the heck stonewalled production for Timo Tjahjanto's The Night Comes For Us back in September. Thankfully some projects haven't faltered, including Anggy Umbara's upcoming heist sequel, Comic 8: Casino Kings

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kabuki Masks, Gore And Samurai Swords Highlight New Set Pics From Paul Nicoletos's Upcoming Short, DRAGON'S BLADE Starring Morgan Benoit

Those who often attend film festivals may be familiar with the work of filmmaker Paul Nicoletos, best known for delivering recent notable short films like the sci-fi thriller, Icarus Down, and last year's sci-fi action hit, Kill Shelter. Nowadays, he and producer Viet K. Huynh have moved on with other endeavors, namely working on another proof of concept they hope to turn into a feature film in 2015 in the form of the new fantasy martial arts thriller from Reloaded Films and Teru Media, Dragon's Blade (CLICK HERE for disambiguation).

Friday, December 26, 2014

LADY BLOODFIGHT Sports Fresh New Character Posters

Pre-production is currently finished and awaiting filming beginning in January of next year for Kiss Of The Dragon helmer Chris Nahon's latest martial arts tournament thriller, Lady Bloodfight from Voltage Pictures. The film picked up some steam at the top of the year upon launching at the European Film Market with actress and Hollywood stuntwoman Amy Johnston (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Clandestine) making her lead debut, and with principal photography to follow, we now have four new promotional art featuring Johnston and co-star Jenny Wu in the gallery below.


Tsui Hark’s thrilling adaptation of Qu Bo’s beloved adventure novel stars Tony LEUNG Ka-fai as a ruthless bandit, ruling the lands of Northeast China from his fortress on Tiger Mountain. A captain of the Liberation Army (LIN Gengxin) launches a counter-insurgency against the dictator with a skilled investigator (ZHANG Hanyu) sent to destroy the gang from the inside.

It's been a while since I've seen a Tsui Hark film, and to be honest, I haven't had the luxury of seeing all of them. However, I will speak on the handful of films I have seen with his name attached, and his is a vision I am entirely charmed by when it comes to truly epic, adventurous storytelling. This time, he introduces us to at least one other aspect of history that not many of us are not exposed to, and here thanks in large part to late author Qu Bo whose classic pseudo-biographical novel, "Tracks In The Snowy Forest", has finally found its way in Hark's crafty mind for the new period action epic, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The First Trailer Has Finally Arrived For Jackie Chan's DRAGON BLADE!

It's been a parade of stills, featurettes and all sorts of other teaser pics since post-production began for action star Jackie Chan's latest epic period action adventure, Dragon Blade. But fret no more, because we finally have a trailer to share for this, his latest feat of manpower with John Cusack and Adrien Brody also starring, with a diverse cast and big scale set pieces to illustrate just what a record breaking budget of $65 million dollars can do for a Chinese feature, and as you will see, in Chan's hands, to say it does a lot would be a huge understatement!

Watch Aikawa Sho Battle Zombies In The New Teaser For Z-ISLAND!

I admit that I have not had the privilege to see a lot of beloved actor Aikawa Sho's films after just discovering him for myself as early as 2002 in the Kane Kosugi action vehicle, Muscle Heat. Although, of the few movies I have seen him in, I can fully understand why he has long been a fan favorite, and so am I, especially in lieu of last month's ceremonial crime thriller, 25 Nijyu-Go in which Aikawa starred, partaking in the 25-year celebration of Japanese V-Cinema entertainment.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[UPDATED] THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Is On Hold, Production Uncertain

UPDATE (12/24/14): Based on a Tweet response four days ago, it appears that Tjahjanto is taking his vision for the former production of The Night Comes For Us and putting it into graphic novel form with Glitch Network. Production on the film itself suddenly halted back in September for reasons unknown. (Special thanks to commentor, Fatso, for the heads' up!)


Fans of Gareth Huw Evans's 2011 action thriller, The Raid, may have noticed one other title that's gone quite a while without much mention in the headlines. That title, of course, Killers co-helmer Timo Tjahjanto's Indonesian crime epic, The Night Comes For Us, for which The Raid co-star Joe Taslim was the subject of much buzz when he was officially cast for the lead in April of last year.

Everyone Is A Target In The Official Webseries Trailer For BLACK: SEASON TWO

It's been a couple of years since the journey began for filmmaker and series creator Frank T. Ziede to bring the new espionage military action series, Black to fruition as a sprawling military epic filled with thrills and intrigue following efforts via Kickstarter. Thankfully, the independently-funded action-packed show found an audience with the first season last year, and Ziede and the creators have now responded in kind with a second season to release sometime next year.

A New Featurette And More Pics Are Available For DRAGON BLADE

More pics and featurettes continue to roll out in promotion of director Daniel Lee's new action thriller, Dragon Blade are making the rounds ahead of its forthcoming premiere in IMAX and 3D February. The film boasts a stellar cast featuring action superstar Jackie Chan as an enslaved Han Dynasty Chinese commander in 48 B.C. fighting to clear his name in the face of incoming Roman army and its corrupt leaders.

NOLA 'Kickboxer' Crew Unpaid, Crew Member Says 'Producers Didn't Have The Money'

The forthcoming remake of director John Stockwell's newly titled Kickboxer: Vengeance remake is one of the most hyped about films going into the new year. Sadly, the film is not without its share of roadbumps, especially pertaining to previous unfortunate news of its casting and crewing as production didn't start until three months after its initial September date.

Monday, December 22, 2014

THE HIT LIST - December 22, 2014

Christmas is approaching and hopefully you all have your gifts and stocking stuffers ready. With any luck, this could mean more of what is listed below from the creators and performers in today's installment of The Hit List!

Wu Jing's WOLF WARRIOR Gets Pushed Back To March With Four New Stills And A Featurette

Debut director Wu Jing's new rock 'em-sock 'em commando action thriller, Wolf Warrior, is easily one of the most hyped movies going into the new year. Unfortunately though, it will also be one of the most painstaking in waiting if you live in the vicinity and hoped to catch it in January.

STAR TREK 3 Boldly Goes With 'Fast And Furious 6' Helmer Justin Lin To Direct

Well, it took long enough, but Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions and Bad Robot finally found a director for the third installation of Star Trek in Justin Lin. The search for a director began last year as J.J. Abrams, who directed the first two movies which earned major commercial success in 2009 and last year, was in talks to possibly take the reigns of Disney's latest efforts with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as of late.


2014 has been a great year for Marvel and Netflix since ramping things up with a few announcements a little over a year ago for a slate of Marvel programs for four non-MCU characters. Since then, there's been much progress with Charlie Cox as Daredevil whose costumed and civilian look can currently be viewed online in several promo pics prior to premiering in May in 2015, in addition to the casting of Krysten Ritter in A.K.A. Jessica Jones, the story of the titular former superheroine-turned-incognito crimefighter who assists other superheroes in their missions.

Get To Know These Killer Characters In New Featurettes For KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE

Director Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service is already a seller for me, so I'm just waiting it all out until its release in February. There's a point you get to when you realize dozens of people had the opportunity to see a movie and grant it such positive reactions en masse that you start to loathe yourself. I'm kind of there, haha!

Asuka Kirara Returns In IRON GIRL: ULTIMATE WEAPON. Watch The New NSFW Trailer!

Tokusatsu and science fiction are making quite a sexy comeback this week with AV idol and actress Asuka Kirara reprising her role in the new film, Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon. Female Prisoner 701 - Sasori helmer Fujiwara Kenichi is in the director's chair with Asuka back once more to take on futuristic bandits with her highly advanced skillset while trying to recover from memory loss.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cinedigm, Wizard World To Broadcast CONtv In 2015

Cinedigm and Wizard World have been popping in and out of the headlines for sometime now, particularly since news broke back in February that an announcement would be made in late 2014 for the launch of a new network geared toward the Comic-Con community. As of Friday last week, their partnering commitment still stands, as the two groups have officially released a statement for their joint venture in network programming with CONtv, boasting an assortment of up to 52,000 titles with original programming, panels, live events and the like, a handful of which are listed below.

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation To Host Multi-City Benefit Screenings Of AMERICAN SNIPER In January

Director Clint Eastwood's newest biopic, American Sniper, is already taking off after premiering a week ago in New York City at Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center. We've also seen a few trailers and clips floating around online by now, and they certainly show lead actor Bradley Cooper in one of the most substantially layered and contemplative roles he's done in his career, which serves Eastwood quite well considering his own caliber on both ends of the camera.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Daniel Wu To Chart A Warrior's Course Through BADLANDS For AMC

The second half of 2014 has shown some great progress for the folks over at AMC Studios in lieu of the upcoming fantasy action series, Badlands, loosely based on late author Wu Cheng'en's classic novel, Journey To The West. Veteran film and television producers Al Gough and Miles Millar are boarding the project with notable Asian cinema favorites Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu, and if you're familar with the latter two, then this particular project should draw your attention quite a bit, especially as casting continues.

Friday, December 19, 2014

THE MONKEY KING 2 Now Filming; Cast/Character Details Available

From L to R: William Feng, Xiao Shen Yang, Gong Li, Him Law and Aaron Kwok
Late author Wu Cheng'en's 16th century novel, "Journey To The West", continually makes for great source material for those interested in seeing what great lengths they can take to accommodate possible film prospects. Terence Cheung knows this, having already seen major results with this year's long-awaited fantasy adaptation, The Monkey King with action star Donnie Yen back in January.

Jason Statham's WILD CARD Gets A Kick-Ass Red Band-style Japanese Trailer!

Hands down, this is the best trailer I've seen for action star Jason Statham's new film, Wild Card.

Watch The Official U.S. Trailer For THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN

Residents in the U.S. and Canada can expect to catch legendary filmmaker Tsui Hark's newest action epic, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain on January 2, 2015 following an announcement on Wednesday. The film is being released courtesy of Well Go USA with a gearing toward Asian audiences outside of China following its release next week, as its the latest and one of the most highly anticipated 3D features as of late, now delving into source material to apply his vision for rich, immersive storytelling loaded with intrigue and a good share of spectacular set pieces to endulge the viewer.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mark Dacascos To Direct And Star In SHOWDOWN IN MANILA In 2015

From L to R: Casper Van Dien, Alexander Nevsky and Mark Dacascos
Rising action star Alexander Nevsky has been well on his way with his post-bodybuilding career with starring and producing films in the last several years, including Black Rose last year with fellow action legend Matthias Hues. Nowadays he's resurging and it appears he's got some great company for the forthcoming February production of the new film, Showdown In Manila.

Watch The Official U.S. Trailer For TRACERS Starring Taylor Lautner

Director Daniel Benmayor's upcoming urban parkour crime thriller, Tracers, hasn't had much news prompting the virility of its most recent international trailer last week. The film has already been due for multiple releases around the world and that left many of us wondering when it would get a date stateside.


Director Tsui Hark's latest period action epic, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain is still on track for a Christmay Day 3D release in China next week, but now the word is that Well Go USA is granting a limited theatrical opening January 2, 2015 in limited cities. The film is based on late author Qu Bo's 1957 debut short novel and subsequent 1960's Beijing opera centers on a real-life event that took place in 1946 during the Chinese Civil War about a hero Communist soldier who infiltrates a gang of bandits.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Trailer For Akshay Kumar's BABY Will Beat You To A Bloody Pulp

India is a country that consistently continues to grow into itself as a beacon in the market for action cinema, bolstered by the starpower of a good number of actors and actresses in recent years. In this instance, take Akshay Kumar, whose impressive resume has endowed him largely as Bollywood's answer to stars like Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

Get Ready For Two Days Of DRAGONFEST Next Summer!

If you were one of the fortunate ones to attend this year's revival of Dragonfest back in May and wanted more, then you're in luck! Martial Arts History Museum's own founder and curator Michael Matsuda is already kicking things off ahead of next year's events - the second following its 2014 revival since its intial host and creator, actor Gerald Okamura back in May.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ving Rhames Takes Control In The Latest Trailer For OPERATOR

Moviegoers can expect to catch actor Ving Rhames next year alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 5. In the meantime, you might take an interest in one of his latest, more intriguing roles as the mastermind behind the explosive action opposite lead actress Mischa Barton and action stars Luke Goss and Michael Pare in the new thriller, Operator, and the latest teaser presents something pretty impressive to expect as well!

Watch The Intense New Teaser For Luke Goss's Directorial Debut, YOUR MOVE

Hot off of a crazy year continuing a string of numerous upcoming action flicks between now and next year, actor Luke Goss can now be seen hard at work in the sultry new teaser for his directorial debut, Your Move. The new teaser is contemplative than anything, although it isn't long before the deceptively hypnotic imagery starts to take you to that dastardly, grisly and dark place where madness ensues on top of the fisticuffs and full-on smackdowns, as well as the occasional blood and gore...and I mean mouthfuls of it.

Indian Crime Epic, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR Gets A Two-Part U.S. Theatrical And VOD Release

It's been a couple of years since acclaimed writer, producer and director Anurag Kashyap's controversial, sprawling crime epic, Gangs Of Wasseypur, began leaving a hell of an impression among critics following its India release and festival screenings thereafter. Needless to say, there is tons of buzz driving this film, with Kashyap whose reputation is now being bolstered with comparisons the stylistically violent and brutal look of similar crime classics by Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, which isn't to say this is not a good thing. Quite the opposite.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kung Fu Comedy, Drama, R-Rated Superheroics And Much More In This Week's Shorts Collection!

BAD CHOICE Cast From L to R: Phong Giang, Renae Moneymaker, Sam Hargrave, Cha-Lee Yoon and Can Aydin
I gotta say, this past week has been a bit exhausting. But thankfully, I was able to keep up just a bit in time to collect these new treats I know you guys might enjoy, especially if you follow comic book lore, or even silly comedy among today's selection.

Salma Hayek Actioner, EVERLY Gets Release Dates And A New Music Video

It's been a much longer-than-preferred wait, although it is safe to say that anyone eagerly awaiting the release of Knights Of Badassdom helmer, director and co-writer Joe Lynch's new movie, Everly will be nothing short of entertained, as per many of the positive responses stemming from its premiere during this year's Fantastic Fest. It's certainly a worthy wait for action film junkies looking to see actress Salma Hayek in one of her sexiest, toughest roles yet in a film often likened to Die Hard for its holiday-themed high-octane thrills, suspenseful story with tons of epic and explosive action to boot.

Darren Shahlavi Takes Aim In His Own Character Poster For ZAMBO DENDE

Actor and martial artist Darren Shahlavi is currently working on the latest reimagining of the 1989 martial arts drama, Kickboxer, for which the production just wrapped things up in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend with more to come. In the meantime, one other project harnessing curious onlookers is the forthcoming release of Riccardo Gabrielli R's live-action shortfilm take on the 7G Comics property, Zambo Dende, in which he plays one of the main villains, Pistol. Check it out below!

AKIRA Creator Announces His Own Push For Live-Action Treatment

Contrary to how some may feel, Hollywood adaptations of Japanese properties have long been the ire of many hardcore fans heavily active in manga and anime lore. Such has largely been the case for filmmaker, author and writer Otomo Katsuhiro whose 1982 cyberpunk action manga epic from Kodansha, Akira, has received its recent accolades more so in the world of independent film than anything, on top of its thirty-year popularity.

Watch The Stylish New Teaser For Australian Martial Arts Feature, THE CHALLENGE LETTER

Not a lot of kung fu instructors take an interest in acting or screenfighting. As for those who do, it's always appealing when you find that number of such people who are keen on expanding their craft to such a field, and impressively so. Such is the case with martial arts instructor Sifu Robert Chen of Chang Sing Tong Kung Fu Academy in Australia where he is now in the midst of his latest foray into feature length martial arts action with their current production, The Challenge Letter.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Jake La Botz Joins Adkins And Florentine For CLOSE RANGE

Details are still embryotic in the public eye at the moment for director Isaac Florentine's upcoming movie, Close Range. Nearly a year after its announcement, the film is finally moving forward after the success of his most recently completed martial arts sequel thriller, Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, and now as the wheels start spinning with martial arts action hero favorite, Scott Adkins back on the set with Florentine once more, fans can surely expect something very promising, including a cast with some very interesting details to follow.

A Grand Housing Of Set Props Highlight New BTS Footage For DRAGON BLADE

International action star and soon-to-be star of the upcoming Skiptrace and the India/China co-production of Kung Fu Yoga, actor Jackie Chan continues to be all the rave this month going into the new year with the upcoming release of director Daniel Lee's Dragon Blade. That said, I wouldn't worry too much about a trailer what with all the pictorials and featurettes now making the rounds online, including a slate of pictures illustrating the scope of the production and design comprising the film's record $65 million dollar budget. And not for nothing with a planned IMAX and 3D release in Feburary next year as Dragon Blade prepares to kick off 2015 in a huge way, and one can only hope this movie gets the same theatrical treatment beyond borders.

Reel Time: MARINA VORUZ (2014)

More often than not, there's always the usual shortfall of discovering a page with fundrasing campaign that has already ended for a project that looks like it would have been appealing to talk about had I caught the damn thing in time. That said, I want to help shed some light on something that really blew me away over the weekend.

The New Shortfilm Teaser For ASCENDED MASTERS Reveals The Son Of God In Training

Director Jela Oba Okpara is currently working on transitioning his latest desert martial arts thriller, The Last Girl into a feature film. The details are under wraps, some of which will hopefully come to light soon enough. In the meantime, Okpara's newest endeavor from his Spectacle Pictures banner is now available for viewing in the form of the new shortfilm trailer for Ascended Masters, a conceptualized story centered on the unwritten pages of Jesus Christ's life between the ages of 12 and 30, entertaining the idea of a possible existence of a "kung fu Jesus" so to speak.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

TAK3N Contest: Get Endorsed By Bryan Mills For The Holidays!

Six years, two films and nearly six-hundred million dollars in, 20th Century Fox is rolling out an awesome campaign ahead of the release of Tak3n, the third installment of the hit franchise. Director Oliver Megaton is back at the helm with a mix of returning and new stars led by seasoned action hero Liam Neeson in what is expected to be one of the most celebrated finales for any franchise for anyone who thoroughly enjoyed the first film as much as the next one.

YEAR TWO: A Word From Yours Truly

Man, what a year!
Hello all, Lee here! I just wanted to say how incredible and gnarly it is to have come as far as I have on this site what with all of you having either stuck around or just recently hopped aboard in the past two years and three months that Film Combat Syndicate has existed. I initially didn't think I would build an audience this high but the virility has certainly been good and does manage to lift my spirits from time to time.

RUN HOME JACK: Help Fund Enligh10 Media's New Martial Arts/Parkour Crime Short

The Austin, Texas branch of independent film company Enligh10 Media is less than a week from the end of their campaign to help fund their newest action-packed short, Run Home Jack. Shortfilm director Mathew Ruybal is set to helm the project with his own script, telling of a mild-mannered introvert in his 30's whose chance encounter with a group of men seeking to hire him for his "skills" puts him in a moral dilemma that forces him to choose between his new life, or a return to that which he once thought to have abandoned for good.

Van Dien Leads The Action In RELENTLESS; Dacascos In Talks

Time will tell if whether or not previous reports will forsee the return of actors Casper Van Dien and Mark Dacascos to the Mortal Kombat Legacy arena for a third outing. In the meantime, we now have news of their involvement on a new project from Greenlight Films, Emerald Films and Riucci Films, Relentless.