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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stockwell's KICKBOXER Adds T.J. Storm And Matthew Ziff

Updates are abound now that production is underway for In The Blood helmer John Stockwell's current remake of the 1989 martial arts thriller, Kickboxer. Progress has had its share of stops and starts in the past year or so as a few major names departed from the project this month, but now we're finally getting a grip on what lies ahead for casting thanks to social media.

Catch An Early Teaser For Guy Bleyaert's TRANSIT 17

Production remains on-going for director Guy Bleyaert's new film, Transit 17. Details on the plot remain paper thin with plenty more to shoot going into next year, so time will tell when exactly we'll see some major movement from here on out. However, as a small reward, we are finally granted an early teaser to showcase just a tidbit of what may come, and it definitely looks like we're going to be in for a thriller of the action/sci-fi/horror kind.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Indonesian Action Greats Headline New Heist Sequel, COMIC 8: CASINO KINGS

While just a few months shy from the hopeful start of production for Baf Sjamsuddin's upcoming action trilogy kickoff, Garuda 7, at least three of its stars were newly unveiled in new promotional photos for director Anggy Umbara's latest sequel endeavor, Comic 8: Casino Kings. Umbara directed the first film which released back in January to local commercial and critical acclaim, as well as film festival appeal throughout the season at the time. Now, Falcon Pictures is currently in production for the second installment which is due next year.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Jason Staham Brings The Pain In The New International Trailer For JOKER

Kicking and punching, bleeding, pain, getting tossed through windows, etc. - Such is the message you get if you're a baddie and you cross paths with action cinema favorite, Jason Statham, now front and center in the new movie, Wild Card, now due for a December 7, 2014 January 30, 2015 release in the U.S.. The film comes nearly thirty years after author William Goldman's 1985 Warner Books publication, "Heat", led to its first film adaptation a year later with then-lead actor Burt Renyolds, which turned out to be more controversial in its troubled state of production at the time.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Launches Its Official Teaser!

Move over, fake trailers! Fans can now get a glimpse of the official new teaser for director J.J. Abrams's new trilogy reboot, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, courtesy of Apple. 


It's reasonable to believe there was plenty more that could have been had actor, musician, debut director and kung fu cinema enthusiast, RZA succeeded with critical and commercial appeal in the 2012 martial arts fantasy, The Man With The Iron Fists. Unfortunately, box office expectations fell short with some largely critical responses, although it appears Universal Pictures still found there to be some appeal for RZA's vision for a follow-up of sorts.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

[UPDATED] Wu Jing's WOLF WARRIOR Howls With New Hi-Def Posters And Two Trailers!

Martial arts action star Jacky Wu Jing's current physical condition may be worse for wear at the moment following much needed surgery in recent months, and with any luck fans will see him back on the set to do what he does most awesomely, whether in front or behind the camera in some capacity. However, fans will still be able to catch Wu on the big screen early next year overseas in at least a few more films, including his directorial debut, Wolf Warrior, alongside The Expendables 2 alums, principal actress Yu Nan and fellow martial arts superstar Scott Adkins as the main villain.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Gets A Greenlight

The 1996 release of director Roland Emmerich's summer blockbuster, Independence Day, has to be one of the most memorable movie going experiences I've ever shared. It had all the trimmings for the hit that it would become, with actor Will Smith headlining alongside the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman in an action adventure packed with dogfight among fighter jets and alien crafts, coupled with perfectly-timed humor and drama, and an explosive ending that would ultimately garner what many have hoped would be an immediate sequel.


Director Matthew Vaughn is already getting some positive traction from early viewer responses for his latest film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which continues its theatrical release slate beginning next year. In all likelihood, it's proven to be a good move for the director whose abstinence from directing anymore X-Men movies beyond First Class has drawn some curiosity among fans alike.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MALEK: Check Out The Electrifying Viral Promo For Martial Arts Star Ramin Sohrab's New Film!

Martial arts action cinema fans can gather 'round now with the latest action-packed promo for a new international thriller in the form of Malek. The film is reportedly in development with no word yet on who will direct while boasting some impressive footage featuring Iranian martial artist and actor Ramin Sohrab in action.

Bat In The Sun Presents: BATMAN V DARTH VADER

Ever more ripe and fresh in its enthusiasm for pitting the best of the best against one another, Bat In The Sun has release another online gem now in the form if Batman vs. Darth Vader from creator and director Aaron Schoenke. Actor Kevin Porter, a Bat In The Sun regular, reprises his role as the Dark Knight himself with principle performances by actor and co-producer David Beurer, and actors David Bauer and Jon-Charles Cordery for Vader, and pretty much answers another in a long list of epic contests regarding who would beat who in a one-on-one, and here, you pretty much get everything, from the Force to Batman's cunning use of gadgetry to fight his way out.

Ifa Isfansyah's THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR Wields Its First Full Trailer!

Director Ifa Isfansyah's latest induction into fantasy martial arts action in Pendekar Tongkat Emas (The Golden Cane Warrior) already bares some significant potential for greatness with Indonesia's cinematic revival in recent years, otherwise aided by popular producer duo Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana. With that in mind, onlookers got a first glimpse last month with a teaser to showcase what to expect from this cinematic transition from writer Jujur Prantano's screenplay, mingling high-flying action and intricate fight choreography with a story full of filial tribulations and drama to boot.

Watch The First Full Trailer For Irie Yu's WWII Spy Thriller, JOKER GAME

International espionage, intrigue, danger and love unfold in the forthcoming release of director Irie Yu's brand new period thriller, Joker Game. The film itself carries some notable credibility due to momentum from its critical and commercial successes in 2009 as the first of a set award-winning compilation novels by best-selling author Yanagi Koji, while boasting an epic production with sets in Japan, as well as Indonesia and Singapore. With that in mind, a big screen release in Japan set for January 31, 2015, which could mark the start of a new exciting film franchise depending on how this hand gets dealt!

Monday, November 24, 2014

WONDER WOMAN Gets Michelle MacLaren To Direct!

Without further delay, word from The Hollywood Reporter announced that Michelle MacLaren has officially signed on to direct the forthcoming Wonder Woman feature film, based on the original comic book superheroine created in 1941. MacLaren's attachment comes just a month after it was stated that a female director was being sought after for the film, for which actress Gal Gadot was formally brought on to star in the title role almost a year ago. The film would mark the first of a trilogy to fit somewhere in between the latter four years of the current WB/DCU schedule with Wonder Woman set to release on June 23, 2017.

Watch The Gritty New International Trailer For UK Crime Thriller, MONTANA

Shank helmer Mo Ali is already underway wowing the film festival circuit with this latest riveting crime thriller, Montana. Written by Jeremy Lowe and Peter Sheldon, the new film is currently due for a release between now and next month in the UK, presenting an action-packed story that pits two generations of vengeance against a dark criminal underworld. Having already dished out a few trailers in the past few months while earning its accolades, the most recent international is now out and about in its virility and seething with enough intensity and thrills to service your needs some before then.

AMC Martial Arts Drama Series, BADLANDS, Scores 'The Judge' Director

Tai Chi 0 helmer Stephen Fung's recent departure from the upcoming remake of Kickboxer should provide plenty of time with fellow cohort Daniel Wu to executive produce their latest series endeavor tentatively titled Badlands for AMC. The two are joined by Oscar-nominated Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg, and series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who were all announced for the project back in July, which while loosely based on late author Wu Cheng'en's often film-translated late 16th century tale, "Journey To The West", centers on a story of a great warrior and a young boy who trek across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

Fan Fights, Pre-Viz, Superpowers And More In This Latest Batch Of Test Fights!

As previously stated, I've foregone doing individual pieces for many short test fights I spot around the web considering how difficult it is to keep track, in addition to gaining insight on how they come together and the minds behind them. Many are very good and deserve a platform on which they can be shared and presented, and I'm humbled and glad to use this blog when I can to make an effort and be one of the few that do so.

Feel free to check out my previous entry by following this link. Beyond that, here we go:

THE BLACK PANTHER UNLEASHED 2: Watch The New Trailer For D.A. Jackson's Fan-Film Follow-Up!

The latter week of July saw the amazing release of writer, editor and director D.A. Jackson's conceptual action short, Storms Of Carnage: The Black Panther Unleashed. Granted, it's not the more family-oriented version Marvel will be going for with actor Chadwick Boseman for its 2017 debut, but Jackson and his crew reportedly put their own first project together attributed to the Wakandan superhero with only $50 and a bag of trail mix, and you have to admit, it kicks asses, spilling perpetual loads of CG blood in the process and delivering one of the coolest mature concepts for a Marvel property to date.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Feast Your Third Eye On Jackie Chan's New India/China Action Comedy, KUNG FU YOGA!

Certainly, martial arts and yoga share distinct similarities in fitness and philosophy aside from what makes the two stand out. But then again, it may have been only a matter of time before someone decided to come along to present an authentic feature film that ultimately dabbles with both systems of exercise. The question, of course, is how this will be done?

KNIGHT IN THE RAIN: Help Blue Kanji Films Crowdfund Their Debut Martial Arts Sci-Fi Feature

Just on the heels of a major launch party this week in Santa Fe, California, independent production company Blue Kanji Films is gearing up with two months of crowdfunding ahead for their first-ever feature film production, Knight In The Rain. The project marks the latest debut for actor and filmmaker Wilder Herms, returning to the set once again with actor and martial artist D.Y. Sao after earlier starring in R.L. Scott's 2010 martial arts thriller, Champion Road: Arena.

The Competition Gets Hellish In The New Trailer For KUNG FU ANGELS!

Hong Kong director Herman Yau's got something new for the kung fu action crowd this December in the form of Kung Fu Angels. While it definitely has some of the playful schooziness of a romantic comedy, the film's brand new trailer certainly does some dramatic justice to its target audience of action film fans. Besides, with a director whose extensive credits include recent martial arts features like The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake, Ip Man: The Legend Is Born and Ip Man: The Final Fight, it's hard to expect any less.

EXCLUSIVE: KICKBOXER Loses Fung, Gains 'In The Blood' Director

Probably one of the biggest pieces of developing news as of late has been the current stagnation surrounding a forthcoming remake of the 1989 martial arts tournament thriller, Kickboxer. Updates have been slow and steady since the film was announced last summer, followed by this year's press release from The Exchange CEO, Brian O'Shea in lieu of Cannes, with a cast list that appeared to be sizing up quite nicely with martial artist and stuntman Alain Moussi (X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Warcraft) set to make his acting debut. Lately however, the production has been hitting some bumps in the past several months, signified otherwise by the fact that the film was supposed to go into production in Thailand a few months ago.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tony Jaa Drops Out Of Fung's KICKBOXER

It was approximately four months ago that international action star Tony Jaa was on deck to possibly star in Tai Chi 0 helmer Stephen Fung's forthcoming production of Kickboxer from Radar Pictures, a remake of the 1989 martial arts tournament thriller officially announced a year and a half ago. Since then, casting continued with some missteps along the way while boasting what appeared to be an otherwise promising slate of names joining actor, martial artist and stuntman Alain Moussi for his hopeful lead debut as a Fall 2014 shoot neared, and now with the year approaching its end, it appears the production has hit another bump.

Martin Campbell Is In Talks To Direct G.I. JOE 3

Depending on how you may feel about the recent live-action renditions of Hasbro property, G.I. Joe, it's probably about time we finally got another step closer to some news on the third film in the franchise. Over the course of the past few years, directing prospects went to Jon M. Chu who sat behind the camera for the 2013 sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation following helmer Stephen Sommers's 2009 flick, G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Of course, that was before he moved back to doing movie musicals like the upcoming Jem And The Holograms and the recently announced Can't Touch This, and so on that word, the latest filmmaker now being sought after is Green Lantern, Goldeneye and Casino Royale helmer Martin Campbell.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The New IMAX Trailer For FURIOUS 7 Boasts A Teeny Bit Of New Footage

The upcoming release of director James Wan's latest contribution to the Fast And Furious franchise, Furious 7, is easily one of the biggest films going into next year's April 3 date. Celebrating the life and legacy of one of its principal lead performers, late actor Paul Walker, the film is setting up what will likely be a significant game-changer as it embraces a new story that will allow Walker's character, former cop-turned-outlaw Brian O'Connor, a more graceful parting of ways while the franchise continues onward with its multi-film finale now in development at Universal Pictures.

Meet The Royal Family Of Netflix's New Action Drama Series, MARCO POLO

Series creator and executive producer John Fusco's latest epic action drama, Marco Polo, is gearing up for a December 12 premiere as the latest installation of Netflix's line-up of original programming. The development and overall production of the series has already led to the prospects of further seasons to expand this newest story featuring actor Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role. As such, time will tell if this will happen, in which case, fans can expect more intrigue, as well as some new faces along the way.

THE BIG MATCH: Watch Lee Jeong-Jae Fight An Entire SWAT Team In A New Clip!

For some still keeping up with the forthcoming release of director Choi Ho's South Korean action adventure thriller, The Big Match, filmgoers at home will be delighted to catch the film on November 27, 2014, advanced from its previous date in December. With that mind, the promotional campaign is still underway, and now we get a fresh clip from the new film, as well as a promotional character featurette with actor Lee Jeong-Jae and our key cast, each with their own posters you can view by CLICKING HERE if you missed them.

CYBORG X: Watch The Trailer Starring Danny Trejo And Help Crowdfund Post-Production!

How obvious can an action film be when casting actor and cult genre fave Danny Trejo? Well, here to answer that question is writer, producer and director Kevin King, now on his way with a new crowdfunder to help complete post-production of his latest film, Cyborg X, and not for nothing either!

Is Summit Trying To Cast TOM CRUISE For HIGHLANDER?

In 1986, you likely wouldn't have guessed that director Russell Mulcahy's fantasy swordplay actioner, Highlander, would live to see a cult following after earning low numbers upon its release. Fortunately however, it accomplished just that, with the addition of television shows and enough continual theatrical flops that would make one wonder just why these films were ever made.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New ATTACK ON TITAN Character Pics Show A Geared-Up Cast Of Giant Hunters!

Making the rounds within Japanese media are new promotional images for director Higuchi Shinji's latest live-action fantasy epic, Attack On Titan, which is currently due for a two-part release beginning next summer courtesy of Toho Company. The film is based on the 2009 manga of the same name by author Isayama Hajime, which centers on a group of warriors led by Eren Jaeger, forged in his upbringing as part of mankind's best hope against flesh eating giants.

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE Enlists Djimon Hounsou To Train The Once And Future King

Actor Djimon Hounsou is currently on track to appear in the February 2015 family adventure flick, Seventh Son, after a long, controversial shift in ownership between studios. Aside from this, the film is but one role in a small handful he'll be expected for between now and the next few years, which also lead to word from Variety that the actor is officially boarding Knights Of The Round Table with Guy Ritchie as director.

Keanu Reeves In Talks For Tarsem Singh Actioner, THE PANOPTICON

If you're still buzzing over those awesome feels after seeing actor Keanu Reeves discriminately shoot bad guys in the face with a vengeance in his latest success story, John Wick, I don't blame you. I thoroughly enjoyed that film myself when I saw it and it's pleasing to know that he's not stopping any time soon.

Grillo: 'THE RAID Won't Be Made Unless Its Good Or Better Than The Original'

While commercial expectations for director Patrick Hughes's latest feature film, The Expendables 3, fell short in the face of the millions of illegal downloads it suffered from, the film still bares the brunt of mixed and mostly critical opinions that exemplify just what happens when you take an R-rated property and water it down to try and include a broader audience. With that in mind, it was just at the top of the year when Hughes was officially attached to direct an American adaptation of an overseas cult hit that has already garnered a substantially grand audience in the last several years, and with the current state of consumer opinions on Hollywood remakes of foreign films for lack of original ideas, to say the least, discretion is key.


Best known for his previous role in the hit TV series, Parks And Recreation, Wanted (2009) co-star Chris Pratt made a huge splash this summer with Marvel's blockbuster surprise hit of the summer, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Well, things are about to get even better, now that the actor has since earned a favorable place among writers at GQ on their latest cover as Man Of The Year, in which case, hopefully it doesn't get too crowded.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Watch The Latest Intense Trailer For Netflix Series Original, MARCO POLO

Actor Lorenzo Richelmy is a new face for the average television viewer, but he's clearly proven himself to be a great pick for series creator and producer John Fusco in the title role of Netflix's newest series, Marco Polo. The series is another foray into quality storytelling for mature audiences who have grown an affinity for original programming like that of The Tudors and Game Of Thrones, filled with a mix of intrigue, sex and danger at every turn. Here, that formula is set amidst 13th century China as the backdrop for our story as Polo begins his servitude at the behest of the court of Emperor Kublai Khan. And simply put, the rest is history...

The New Season Three Trailer For Cinemax Original Series, BANSHEE Is All About Beatings, Bullets And Blood

Cinemax is currently gearing up for next year's of the hit TV crime series, Banshee, now on its way to a third season. Actor Antony Starr and actress Ivana Milicevic lead the way once more in a story that centers on the events surrounding Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who still finds himself dealing with his past while assuming the identity of a murdered sheriff -- this among all of the intertwining drama and relationships one endures while living in the troubled Amish Pennsylvania town.


The word is out and the U.K. is readying itself for a dose of explosive samurai sword-clasing action with director Otomo Keishi's summer blockbuster success story, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno. The film is the second of a trilogy as the first of a two part finale following the first film's release back in 2012, and to much critical and commercial acclaim at that.

Help Joshua Caldwell Fund His Latest LGBT-Inclusive Action Thriller, ASSASSIN

Well how about this? It's not everyday we get to see something versatile in storytelling and action, and I can't remember the last time I've seen a film in this genre that was LGBT inclusive in its characters. But here, Joshua Caldwell has been at it for about a month now with the hopes of crowdfunding his latest action thriller, Assassin. Writer and longtime film partner Travis Oberlander worked the script for the project now being hosted at crowdfunding site, Seed And Spark and it goes a little something like this:

Monday, November 17, 2014

[UPDATED] Marvel Officially Releases Its PHASE 3 Calendar

Update (6:10 pm EST) - An incorrect version of the Marvel Phase 3 calendar was shared prior to its correct version now available in its place. Damn you H.Y.D.R.A.!

It's pretty clear that Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios have the upper hand with Warner Bros. still trailing with its DC Cinematic Universre. Last month's epic conference at the El Capitan Theater was just what the fanbase needed in overseeing just exactly where all the Marvel movies were going after the first two phases, on top of continuing casting announcements with the confirmation of Get On Up star Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther and Rush co-star, actor Daniel Bruhl's casting for a villain role in next Spring's production of Captain America: Civil War this week.

A New Threat Looms In The New Second Season Teaser For BLACK: THE SERIES

Filmmaker Frank T. Ziede had a stellar first run last year with season one of his independently-funded online action series, Black, starring 22-year veteran and former Navy SEAL, actor Mikal Vega (Transformers: Age Of Extinction, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as the leader of a special-ops team created in response to a terrorist attack on American soil.

Bueno's New Short, YAKUZAMBIE Will Rip Your Arm Off And Take Your Watch!

Gun Caliber star and director, Garage Hero's own Bueno has been hard at work lately with a new project stemming from his time at YouTube's House Of Horrors in the last few months. That very project began showing signs of life a short while back with a teaser for Yakuzambie, throwing back to the glory days of grindhouse horror and stylish action with actress Seikiguchi Aimi and actor Kimura Keisaku leading the way.

New Posters And Trailer Arrive For Tsui Hark's THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN 3D

The promotional campaign has been a slow and steady one throughout the year for director Tsui Hark's latest offering, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 3D. This week however, Bona Film Group is picking things up with a promotional blitz for the epic period actioner, packaged with new trailer and a flurry of new character posters to boot.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Here's Another Batch Of Online Action Shorts From Around The Web!

As many of you all know in partaking in our collective readership, I also try to share the spotlight with all the various talented performers out their presenting their own short test fight samples online. I do try to cover as much as I get my hands on or whatever comes my way, although it's challenging at times to lend individual coverage for each project I spot. So, in the spirit of keeping up with independent artists, I'm now presenting clusters of micro articles like this. It probably won't be a weekly thing, but if it helps entertain and grant folks an opportunity to share their craft more, then all the better. So, here goes!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

THE KICKBOXER Reunites Pyun And Mitchell, Gets New Format, New Synopsis And Start Date!

Artwork by Glenn Cochrane
It's been well over a year and a half since filmmaker Albert Pyun announced a handful of details for an online serial return to the set with martial artist and actor Sasha Mitchell spinning off the Kickboxer saga. That was three months before stating his retirement from film after a 32-year long career upon being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the time, although thankfully, the award-winning director has since remained upbeat with good consultation on his health from doctors and the support of wife and business partner, Cynthia Curran.

AFM 2014: Steven Seagal To Star In CYPHER

Well, it's official. After twelve years of languishing largely in direct-to-video territory while dabbling in reality televsion, instilling friendships with Russian leaders and American law enforcement certain political and law enforcement, actor, expert martial artist and musician Steven Seagal is ready to go back to the big screen.

Hypnotic Samurai Drama DARK SAMURAI Gets A New Teaser!

Versatile actor David Sakurai is back with another step forward in immersing himself as an action star with writer and director Sidney Lexy Plaut's latest feature-length endeavor, Dark Samurai. The new film, produced by Adriana Filipczuk and executive produced by Lene Borglum (Only God Forgives), takes on a visually intense, arthouse-style approach to its multi-dimensional story focused on iconic samurai warrior and author Miyamoto Musashi. Sure, it's a switch in gears for Sakurai following his electric performance in the martial arts action short, Echoes Of A Ronin, but presents an otherwise stunning and solid new look while stepping into more contemplative territory for its surreal setup.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Watch The New Teaser For Upcoming Short, VENGEANCE...MAIS From Aballa Stunts!

Screenfighting and filmmaking company, Aballa Stunts is still thriving from time to time. Support is close to nil on their home territory despite aiming to put their native Algeria on the map for action cinema, a circumstance shared by many parts of the world, and its safe to say that achieving this kind of goal will ultimately take some time, as well as effort.

Jude Law Up For A Villainous Role In KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE

It's been a while since I saw Jude Law swing a sword, I think. But it will be nonetheless refreshing to see him on the big screen in medieval fashion for the forthcoming production of Knights Of The Round Table from Warner Bros. Pictures. and Village Roadshow Pictues.

Upcoming Action Short, BREED OF HUNTERS Gets An Extended Intro Clip

Independent productions can take great lengths of time to put together, a fact known full well for actor and martial artist Wildchild Gil Sanabria following an earlier teaser for his upcoming shortfilm thriller, Breed Of Hunters. The project was already on its way a bit before then, but slowed down due to necessary rewrites following a departure from one of the actors involved. Rewrites are currently being done for the project which is now expected to fully commense hopefully earlier next year with a new script and cast (and possibly a new title) to accommodate an otherwise great-looking, original project.

Check Out The Teaser For This Mystery Project From Danish Action Team, STUNT 360

European Stunt School founder, filmmaker and longtime stuntman Jacob Sebastian Malm is currently in his eleventh year of activity with Copenhagen-based international stunt and screenfighting performance team, Stunt 360. It's been a busy year for Malm and his team, and will continue to be so in 2015 as he and his team make their way in the industry on an international level, and fortunately, these plans won't infringe on what they currently have going on for their own projects as well, as indicated by a recent teaser they have available on their channel showcasing U.K. martial artist and stuntwoman, actress Lauren Okadigbo.