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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Pirate's Escape Ends In Showdown In The New Shortfilm, THE INFLUENCE

Brady Merriman launches his aerial assault in the new Project Rize action short, THE INFLUENCE

Further updates are pending regarding independent filmmaker Danny Vega's upcoming feature-length action crime thriller, A Dance With The Devil. In the meantime, he has offered a brand new experimental shortfilm creation via his YouTube platform, Project Rize in the form of The Influence. While Vega directed and filmed the project, the concept mostly belongs to one of its performers, up-and-coming actor and stuntman Ben Aycrigg, who previously appeared several weeks ago in a new year kick-off test fight short promoting fellow Florida action stalwart, David Conk's new team, Wolf Stunts.

Watch The Latest International Teaser For JUPITER ASCENDING

We have a new international trailer this week for the upcoming release of Jupiter Ascending, the latest sci-fi fantasy action opera from brother/sister directing duo Andy and Lana Wachowski. The footage is basically everything that has already been seen in the initial teaser that was unveiled in the teaser late last year in December, just with Japanese subtitles. So we have a bit of time for more promo material before the film's July 18 release date.

Crowdfunding Begins For Martial Arts Action Webseries, STREETS OF MYTH

Following the unveiling of an action packed shortfilm promo last November with new concept art earlier this year (seen above), the new Kickstarter has officially begun to fund independent filmmaker Brandon Kahn's ambitious online martial arts webseries, Streets Of Myth. Featuring a prominent cast of talented actors and performers led by UK martial arts stalwart, actress Zara Phythian, the set up takes place in England, where society shaped itself into warring factions co-existing in social toxicity where any and all matters are settled in a hail of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts weaponry.


The upcoming episodic theatrical release of Mamoru Oshii's series, The Next Generation: Patlabor, is out and about again with more new promotional stills from Shochiku. The series is set to premiere on seven dates beginning on April 5, 2014 through January 1 of next year, followed by a feature film later that Spring. Reports also show that the upcoming feature film release itself will also mark the first use of Dolby ATMOS technology for a Japanese cinemas, implementing its system comprised of 64 speaker channels for a more immersive theatrical experience.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Marvel's ANT-MAN In Talks To Add Patrick Wilson

The Wrap is reporting that actor Patrick Wilson is currently in negotiations for a role in writer/director Edgar Wright's next film, Ant-Man. If confirmed, the actor whose recent appearances include horror hits like The Conjuring and Insidious 1 and 2 will star alongside actors Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, with roles currently in the running for actor Michael Peña, as well as actress Evangeline Lily.

THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Tweets More Choreo Action Via Twitter

The official Twitter campaign page for director Timo Tjahjanto's currently developing action thriller, The Night Comes For Us just launched a day ago after the film's latest push for an open casting call in Indonesia. And today, the account is now host to its first pre-production choreography photo with its stars, lead actor Joe Taslim and Yayan Ruhian which you can view below.

Watch David Sakurai Clean House In A New Action-Packed Clip From ECHOES OF A RONIN!

Actor David Sakurai is looking to make 2014 his break out year as another rising action star in the genre with the forthcoming release of his latest shortfilm out of Denmark, Echoes Of A Ronin.

The New UK Trailer For SABOTAGE Is Online

In light of a new red-band-worthy action clip released online marketing writer and director David Ayer's new crime thriller, Sabotage, which you can watch below. starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, we now have the official trailer for the film's U.K. release, which drops in cinemas this May. The film once again reinvigorates the Schwarzenegger-fanbase with a story that is sure to sustain the actor's latest momentum with last year's The Last Stand and Escape Plan with more on the way, including The Expendables 3, and the new trilogy reboot, Terminator: Genesis.

Robert Rodriguez's El Rey To Include Shaw Classics + New Images From SIN CITY 2

Fans of Robert Rodriguez who also enjoy getting their kicks from classic kung fu movies are getting more and more reasons to subscribe to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez newly established television network, El Rey, following breaking news this week from yesterday's press breakfast in New York City.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Filmmakers and National Film Society co-founders Stephen Dypiangco and Patrick Epino are pushing the world premiere of the action comedy series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys to select audiences next month, courtesy of the Center for Asian American Media. The series arrives as the culmination of efforts by the two filmmakers who have been hard at work to raise funds and promotional means to produce an original comedic series paying tribute to iconic Asian film actors - most of who are known largely for their villainous roles in memorable films spanning the last three decades.

New York State Will Be Home to Marvel/Netflix's THE DEFENDERS

As if Marvel did not have enough on its hands with its cinematic universe already in play, in addition to spanning the current Spider-Man film franchise with TASM 1 and 2 helmer Marc Webb already on board for part three with other directors attached to spin-offs, it's pretty clear they're not done blowing minds just yet. Following news unveiled in November last year, Marvel is getting the ball rolling on its upcoming series productions for Netflix with a new press release announcing their partnership with The Walt Disney Company and ABC Television studios.

Lionsgate Presents The New Trailer For WARRIOR ASSASSIN

As per the following press release, new trailer aired for the home release of Warrior Assassin. The new film, shot in 2011, marks the latest from director Dou Xiao whose string of period wuxia and kung fu actioners have been the subject of acquistions by Lionsgate in recent years, with this one making its way to DVD and Blu-Ray store shevles this April.

STREET FIGHTER: ASSASSIN'S FIST - Joey Ansah Answers Your Questions

On Tuesday, actor, writer and director Joey Ansah hosted a half-hour long Q&A recording session to discuss answers from fan questions regarding his new festure-length serial webseries, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Martial arts action superstars Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins and Darren Shahlavi have all been pretty busy making headlines in recent months, with White filming Thai actioner Skin Trade as preparation continues for Black Dynamite 2, while Adkins' eighth pairing with director Isaac Florentine brings them for Close Range, and new reports have announced Shahlavi's starring role opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme in Ernie Barbarash's next thriller, Pound Of Flesh. That said, all three can be seen sharing screentime together in the first and second series installments of the internationally produced English-language science fiction fantasy series, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which until only this week, earned its audiences largely in French-speaking territories beginning a little less than a year and a half ago.

[UPDATED] Krowdfunding Begins For MORTAL KOMBAT: THE ONE

UPDATE: This article now includes newly added links to the crowdfunding page that began on Wednesday, following the Tuesday posting of this article.

While any promise of screenwriter Oren Uziel's script for a feature-length live-action Mortal Kombat movie continues to sit in a painful state of limbo, inspired fan film efforts are keep things moving forward with the latest trailer for the unofficial shortfilm production, Mortal Kombat: The One. Set to begin production later this year for a Fall airing, the new project comes from from student filmmaker Anthony Pellino, whose script for the film's possible 12-to-15 minute duration will center namely on characters, Lin Kuei ninja Sub-Zero and the God of Thunder himself, Raiden, loosely based on the plot from the original games.

Bryan Cranston Knows What's Been Hidden In The New Trailer For GODZILLA

Following a new poster and Empire Magazine cover and audio unveiling, the new official trailer arrived for the for the forthcoming May 16, 2014 release of Godzilla from director Gareth Edwards, which you can check out above. The film starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already garnered some major fan approval, including from that of Guns And Roses former lead guitarist, Slash, whose most recent screening of Edwards' new film earned its critique as "pretty fn' epic" on Twitter this week.

Kaya Scodelario Takes Aim In A New Still From TIGER HOUSE

Looking to make his transition from the theatre scene to film is director Thomas Daley for his newest action horror production, Tiger House. The latest reports mentioning the film are now hosting the first still of the film currently shooting in Cape Town, South Africa produced by Tiger House Films SA, and also marking the first production from Glass Man Films.

Courage Begins In Battle In The New Trailer For I AM SOLDIER

Backed by previous producer work on powerhouse action flicks like James Nunn's latest Scott Adkins headliner, Green Street 3, and their earlier shared producer/director credits for the 2012 thriller, Tower Block, we now have a new trailer for UK filmmaker Ronnie Thompson's solo debut, I Am Soldier. The new trailer sets the stage for a story featuring actor Tom Hughes in what is expected to offer a piercing, edgy look into the gritty, brutalizing world of British military training for one recruit whose participation will test his mettle in a life or death trial that may push him to his breaking point.

Martial Arts And Evil Spirits Collide In Peter Cornwell's Upcoming Thriller, MINION

Fans of horror movies like the 2009 feature thriller, The Haunting In Connecticut may already be familiar with the directorial style of award-winning filmmaker Peter Cornwell, who has another title headed our way in the form of Mercy to further appease the horror film viewing public. However, if you enjoy the genre with a nice little martial arts twist, then screenwriters Eric Gable and Ben Bostik may have something in store for those interested with the planned production of Cornwell's latest film, Minion.

Monday, February 24, 2014

FIST PLUS FACE: A Formula For Action And Laughs In The Spirit Of Jeet Kune Do

Following successful crowdfunding efforts by executive producer Justin Chambers and writer/director and former Jeet Kune Do student Travis Laidlaw, online netizens can now view Laidlaw's latest contribution to the action genre in the form of the brand new shortfilm, Fist Plus Face. The project is a culmination of Laidlaw's fifteen years of experience in the industry, which didn't come easy as he ended up finishing his law degree between his earlier film endeavors, and before ultimately choosing greener pastures in cinema upon moving back in Toronto. "I have always had a fascination with the camera, filming everything I did from personal short films to school projects. I never went anywhere without it.", he writes. "I had wanted to be an actor for some time but soon I decided at this point that it was behind the camera that really interested me.".

THE PROTECTOR 2 Lands On North American Shores With A New Trailer And Release Dates

International action star Tony Jaa is well on his way to completing his transition over to North American territory with the current production of director Ekachai Uekrongtham's all-star action adventure, Skin Trade, and Jaa's forthcoming appearance next April in Fast And Furious 7. The actor and celebrity purveyor of Muay Thai and dynamic stunt performance will also be observed in the long-awaited release of his latest Thai action epic from director Prachya Pinkaew, Tom Yum Goong 2, newly titled for its U.S. release as The Protector 2, slated for iTunes and VoD release on March 27 before hitting theaters on May 2.
Watch the trailer below the following description and stay tuned for more info.

301 TROOP: ARAWN RISING: Hitting The Reset Button For British Action Cinema

Actor Lee Bennett is ready to make 2014 his banner this year with the forthcoming production of his action horror directorial debut, 301 Troop: Arawn Rising. The project marks the first film for Bennett's new production banner, Only The New Breed, since its launch a year ago led by Bennett, a three year veteran actor and action performer with a proven intense love for film and a passion to reinvigorate the current state of the U.K. action cinema with a fresh vision that harkens back to the glory days of hardcore action cinema for today's audiences.

SECOND LIFE: A Dialogue With Malaysian Filmmaker James Lee

From L to R: James Lee, Charlene Meng, Michael Chin, Low Chee Hong, Adrian Poh and Adrian Lai on the set of the upcoming martial arts action shortfilm SECOND LIFE

Independent filmmaker James Lee recently officially launched his content creation platform this year, Doghouse 73 Pictures, with a brand new website to host his YouTube channel, and a variety of other cool merchandise for fans and viewers. In covering this for my previous article, I was eager to follow up on a shortfilm project titled Second Life, succeeding his 2012 martial arts feature-length contribution with The Collector starring Sunny Pang.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Film Of The Week: RIDE ALONG (2014)

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube lead the lineup in Ride Along, the new film from the director and the producer of the blockbuster comedy Think Like a Man.    

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Terrorist Act Unveils Something Much More Explosive In The New Webseries, THE GAMBIT

After making some notable moves last year with the inspired vision shared in his series installment of Grayson: Earth One, independent filmmaker Hisonni Johnson has since kept on his toes with other creative works, and his latest has just arrived in the form of the new action crime/drama miniseries, The Gambit. The new series reunites Johnson with actor Raj Bhavsar who leads the new story filled intrigue, suspense and intensity, with a compelling plot centered on a small squad of heavily armed ex-cops led by a disgruntled former police Sergeant who takes the Captain's daughter hostage, and a janitorial worker caught in the middle of it all.

Well Go USA's Release Of THE WRATH OF VAJRA Gets A Trailer

In light of the news of Iceman 3D helmer Law Wing-Cheong's forthcoming Hong Kong release of the dark new kung fu action thriller, The Wrath Of Vajra, Twitch delivered the exclusive official trailer for the film on Friday which you can check out at the bottom of the page. The film comes home on March 18, 2014 and features Kung Fu Hustle and Flash Point actor Shi Yanneng (a.k.a. Xing Yu) debuting in his first lead role. Also starring are actor Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, actress Zhang Yamei, actor Tony Liu, international action legend Yasuaki (David) Kurata, actor and K-pop artist Steve Yoo, 7-foot tall actor Jiang Baocheng and actor and b-boy dancer Poppin Hyun-joon. The film was produced by Hong Pang with action choreography by Peng Zhang.

A Life Of Crime Draws The Line Between Brothers In The New Trailer For BLOOD TIES

We have a new trailer for a film that plays in a similar field of crime dramas like that of James Grey's 2007 thriller, We Own The Night. For this though, we now have Grey's latest co-writing contribution to that of French writer and director Guillaume Canet's 1970's-set English language filmmaking debut, Blood Ties.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gina Carano Spills As Much Red As She Needs In The New Trailer For IN THE BLOOD

In the midst of a her transition from professional MMA fighter to cinematic action heroine, actress and martial arts Gina Carano has already appeared in three films and is soon set to star in her own comic book movie based on creator Rob Liefield's Avengelyne, in addition to being rumored for a role in producer Adi Shankar's Female Expendables project. Before then, she will appear in director John Stockwell's upcoming action thriller, In The Blood, where she sets out on a dangerous mission to find the men responsible for her husband's disappearance during their Caribbean vacation.

Michelle Martins And Bryan Sloyer Go Head-To-Head In LBP's Latest Fight Demo

Michelle Alvarado Martins and Bryan Sloyer

Fans and followers of independent action and Film Combat Syndicate readers might remember industry stuntwoman Michelle Alvarado Martins from her previous gig with filmmaker and stunt coordinator Geo Corvera on his first online shortfilm for the new year titled Triumph. Well, this week, Martins continues to expand on her craft, showcasing her screenfighting talents for the first time with independent filmmaker and LBP Stunts Chicago founding member Emmanuel Manzanares and fellow stuntman Bryan Sloyer on a new fight demo now available for viewing on the official LBP Stunts YouTube channel.

'The Expendables 3' Director Being Named To Helm THE RAID Remake!

Patrick Hughes

With writer and director Gareth Evans ramping up efforts to promote the forthcoming March 28, 2014 release of The Raid 2: Berandal, what is still left in the air is the issue of whether or not action star Sylvester Stallone's August release, The Expendables 3, will actually "raid" The Raid as he so described it on Twitter last year. Regardless though, it seems all the talk of raiding everything has put The Expendables 3 helmer Patrick Hughes in a bigger light as reports indicate that the director is now being tapped to direct Screen Gems's upcoming remake of The Raid, which is being penned by Out Of The Furnace co-scribe Brad Inglesby.

The Hollywood Theater Set To Screen THE RAID 2 One Week Early From Wide Release

Since making huge waves at this year's film festival circuit with rip-roaring fans of martial arts action star Iko Uwais are on high alert for the next five weeks until the theatrical release of writer and director Gareth Evans's new film, The Raid 2, with the latest unveiling of the official mosaic poster for the film's Indonesian premiere titled The Raid 2: Berandal.

REEL TIME: Amy Johnston (2014)

The martial arts cinema community rallied when word got out that actress and Hollywood stuntwoman Amy Johnston landed a lead role in director Chris Nahon's upcoming international tournament action thriller, Lady Bloodfight. She fought actress Zoë Bell in Josh Waller's new thriller, Raze, and is also slated to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier doubling for actress Scarlett Johansson, to name a few, and with more surprises to come, we now get to see a new reel this week showcasing Johnston's latest montage of material from over the last several years.

SKIN TRADE Lands Its Own Facebook And Twitter Pages

For the past couple of months, fans and followers of the upcoming international action thriller, Skin Trade, have been keeping tabs on the film's progress through the Facebook pages of its lead actors - namely action stars Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa, and in recent weeks, Michael Jai White. So far, no footage from the film has yet been offered publicly as the film is still shooting on location Thailand and is expected to continue through mid-March prior to its post production and 2015 release. However, the steady stream of set pics and stills via Facebook have lended a glimpse or two into just what we can expect from this latest project from director Ekachai Uekrongtham, including some major fight scenes between our aforementioned action trio, to name a few.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ray Park Drives Fast And Kicks Ass In The New Trailer For JINN!

It's been a while since we've seen actor and martial artist Ray Park on the big screen without the heavy Darth Maul make-up and the Snake Eyes outfit. But this week, that all changes with the actor front and center in latest paranormal sci-fi action thriller from Michigan-based Exxodus Pictures titled Jinn. The film also marks the second directorial feature from director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad who also executive produced and wrote the film, as well as designed the film's hero car making its exclusive big screen debut as the Firebreather Camaro, manufactured by Classic Design Concepts, since its public unveiling several years ago.

A Mercenary's New Target Could Mean A Conflict Of Interest In The New Trailer For HONOUR

Best known for his written work until recently, filmmaker Shan Khan has been busy breaking the mold in the past couple of years with his latest assassin thriller, Honour, which confronts the controversial issue of honour killings. Actor Paddy Considine takes the lead in this one, and filmgoers who may be familiar with his work, including the 2004 drama, My Summer Of Love, the 2011 Jason Statham actioner Blitz, and roles Edgar Wright's last two Cornetto installments to name a few might look forward to what he brings in his latest 'hit' role.

REEL TIME: Anthony Giovanni Elias (2014)

Photo: Officer Antonio Morrison

Independent filmmaker and multifaceted action director and actor Anthony Giovanni Elias made 2013 his banner year with the launch of his Florida based film and fight choreography group, Team Genesis. And with 2014 here, Elias has a brand new reel to showcase a sampler of some of the work he has done since then.

The New Trailer For ROVING EDGE Shows What Happens When Killers Run Free

Since wrapping its three month shoot early last year, the folks over at CJ Entertainment have a few promotional stills out for director Lee Jung-ho's second directorial feature, Roving Edge. As the film inches closer to its April theatrical release in South Korea, we are now introduced to a new trailer for the film, based on author Keigo Higashino's 2004 publication, "The Hovering Blade".

Get Hooked On A Feeling And Watch The New Trailer For Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Lego fans can get their hands on three new construction sets attributed to Marvel's upcoming release of Guardians Of The Galaxy which will hit store shelves beginning June 1, exactly two months before the forthcoming film hits theaters nationwide. And on that note, accompanying lead actor Chris Pratt's late Tuesday night interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live is this week's new trailer with all our characters front-and-center.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Iko Uwais Faces Duality In The New Poster For THE RAID 2: BERANDAL

XYZ Films producing partner and Twitchfilm founder and editor Todd Brown unveiled an exclusive look at the brand new Indonesian poster art on Tuesday night for the upcoming release of the epic martial arts crime saga, The Raid 2 from writer and director Gareth Evans. The latest feature starring Iko Uwais reprising his role from the first film in 2011, the new film has been on a busy streak making the film festival rounds at Sundance and SXSW, and celebrated far and wide as one of the best martial arts action thrillers as of late.

Monsters Beware! Tokyo Has A New Defender In The New Trailer GAION SIGMA

Independent filmmaker and actor Bueno is set to air a bootleg version of Garage Hero's long-awaited NSFW tokusatsu action adventure thrill ride, Gun Caliber, exclusively on Vimeo for a limited time beginning April 18. However, the rising cult independent suit action favorite is currently ramping promotional efforts for his second feature film with co-director Motoharu Takauji and Zen Pictures for the forthcoming release of Gaion Sigma.

REEL TIME: Hans Wikkeling (2014)

Time rolls on with a new reel from fellow rising martial arts stunt impressario San Jose, California native, Hans Wikkeling. A member of the multifaceted athletic sports team and brand, Hyper Martial Arts, Wikkeling established his own fan appreciation in the film genre embracing hit stars like Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and has been a pursuant of martial arts since the age of 7 before spearheading his efforts in 2009 to make martial arts and stunts a career goal.

Prepare To Die Laughing At The Hands Of JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMAGE!

Blockbuster action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest appeal to comedy has proven positive for the actor in light of his latest laugh-out-loud role in the newly-released Rob Meltzer helmer, Welcome To The Jungle. And this week, the Muscles From Brussels continues to flex it all for a brand new contest being hosted by Funny Or Die for aspiring filmmakers looking for a chance to win some prizes while getting to share some screentime (via crafty-editing) with the actor and martial arts powerhouse.

The Future Of Vigilante Justice Has A New 'Face' In The Crowdfunder For Fantasy Action Thriller, WENDY!

The amazing folks over at the Leeds-based cinematic stage action and stunt performance troupe SG Action UK have continued to show great promise over the past year with involvement in such projects as the soon-to-be-released shortfilm, Dog, and the short independent fight thriller, Vendetta, implementing their own contribution to the martial arts film genre. And this year, they have continued the trend, with upcoming feature film involvement in the works and developing a unique relationship with some of today's aspiring film professionals-to-be, namely independent filmmaker and student Jack Downs whose enjoyement of films since the age of eight, and an initial penchant for comic book artistry led him on a path that would accumulate up to six years of study.

Monday, February 17, 2014

REEL TIME: Mickey Facchinello (2014)

Action fans can expect plenty of surprises this year from independent action filmmaker and rising star in fight choreography, Vlad Rimburg with his latest project putting him on the path to the galaxy far, far away with creator and Force Storm Entertainment frontman, actor and action actor Noah Fleder's currently-developing Star Wars fan series project. Leading the first of the series is an episode titled Dark Betrayal which features an amazing slate of some of the best cinematic action performers to take the internet by storm in recent history, including LBP Stunts Chicago member, action actress and stuntwoman Mickey Facchinello taking the lead in Sith form as you can see in the photo aligned above left.

BATMAN/SUPERMAN Update: Gal Gadot Has Been Lifting...Bro.

Photo: Collider

It wasn't very long ago that Fast And Furious leading lady Gal Gadot became the center of some heavy criticism from the genre fanboy bickersphere of the interwebs regarding her recent casting for the role of Diana/Wonder Woman in director Zack Snyder's upcoming Batman/Superman movie. Well, this week, the Israeli former-turned-model and actress also set to star in the upcoming crime thriller, Triple Nine, continues to silence the naysayers with a new photo flexing some muscle stemming from her kung fu/kickboxing/weapons/BJJ training in preparation for Snyder's new film which is set to begin filming in Michigan sometime in the Spring.

The New TV Spot For NEED FOR SPEED Asks "What Drives You?"

We have a new TV spot for director Scott Waugh's upcoming revenge cross-country racing thriller, Need For Speed. In light of this, folks in Atlanta, Gerogia looking forward to the film's release may want to stay close to lead actor Aaron Paul's twitter feed as he continues to ramp up promotional efforts for the new film, set to arrive in theaters in the U.S. on March 14, 2014.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Get A First Look At Peter Weller And Ron Pearlman On The Set Of SKIN TRADE!

On Sunday, the steady stream of teaser photos highlighting the production process of action star Tony Jaa's latest film, Skin Trade continued. There are a few more with Jaa having fun on set, although Sunday's report marks our first look at actors Peter Weller and Ron Pearlman, since their casting was officially announced a month ago. When asked how things were going with the two actors, producer Mike Selby writes "Nothing short of amazing, their performances are stunning.".

Graphic Novel-Style Action Highlights The New Teaser For Indonesian Period Drama, BARAKATI

The world of Indonesian film continues to flex its muscles with a cinematic vision that clearly shares a beat or two from that of films like 300 and its upcoming sequel next month. This particular film is called Barakati, and not much is known yet about the film's plot, other than it centers as a period action adventure epic set somewhere possibly in the 14th century in the ancient kingdom of Majapahit on the southeast Asian island of Buton (history buffs may know better than I at this point about that period). One thing for certain is that fans of sword-and-sandal blood spillers could find Barakati interesting to check out upon its release this May and thereafter.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Father And Son Grace The Latest Promo Pic For STREET FIGHTER: ASSASSIN'S FIST!

Time marches on as actor, co-writer/creator, action director and filmmaker Joey Ansah continues to work out the kinks for the pending distribution of his upcoming online action adventure with Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. The word is already positive though, with fans already aware of the exclusive feedback from a few lucky observers who have had a chance to report on the footage in its developing phases, largely including author strugler at hadoken.net whose intricate analysis in October of last year included the following statement:

DEATH GRIP Is Now Available For Pre-Order With A New DVD Release Date!

It has taken a couple of years since the crowdfunded production, completion and independent distribution of actor, martial arts stunt impressario and filmmaker Eric Jacobus landed his third directorial feature, Death Grip. And with other projects in the works, this particular film has since earned a rightful place with several distributors worldwide, including its new North American home at Osiris Entertainment with pre-order period open to the public as of a few days ago, and a street date set for March 11, 2014.

Killer Action With A Touch Of Romance And Bullet-Time In The New Trailer For LOVE LIKE BULLETS!

*This article has been updated with correct information regarding the film's production period.

It appears actor and martial artist Johnny Yong Bosch has been pretty busy with a new film in recent years. His latest to date comes from director and action and stunt veteran David Wald who has worked on several previous projects with Bosch dating back to the earlier years of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series and the related subsequent feature films, in addition to the 2002 Alpha Stunts-loaded action spectacle Wicked Game (a.k.a. Extreme Heist), and Wald's shared co-directorial credits in the 2009 fantasy actioner, Hellbinders.