Wu Jing's WOLF WARRIOR Gets Pushed Back To March With Four New Stills And A Featurette

Debut director Wu Jing's new rock 'em-sock 'em commando action thriller, Wolf Warrior, is easily one of the most hyped movies going into the new year. Unfortunately though, it will also be one of the most painstaking in waiting if you live in the vicinity and hoped to catch it in January.

Fret not though! Apparently the film is undergoing a major theatrical structuring in innovative audio technology to accommodate the film's 3D and IMAX presentations. As such, with the film's release date pushed back to March, not only can you expect a few more trailers, posters and featurettes, but you may also subject yourself to the immersive effects of theatrical awesomeness - all this while feasting on a 3D action spectacle with Wu Jing and Scott Adkins going head to head? Who can argue?

Wu stars as Leng Feng, a rebellious Chinese commando forced to square off with a vengeful squadron of mercs in search of the solider who killed their drug lord boss. Wu and Adkins are joined by Yu Nan, Chris Collins, Kyle Shapiro, Kevin Lee, Sona Eyambe and fellow action star Vincent Zhao. The film comes as one of two new year features for Wu with the other being his forthcoming appearance in S.P.L. 2: A Time For Consequences opposite Tony Jaa.

Watch the brand new featurette below; no English-language subtitles are available, but you will get the idea. And feel free to take a peep at some brand new stills just beneath!


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