Wu Jing Offers Three New WOLF WARRIOR Posters With Attitude!

It probably doesn't help that it feels more and more like a tease to see all these posters for action star Wu Jing's directorial debut, Wolf Warrior. The famed martial arts wunderkind has grown immensely in his craft over the years, whilst having recently been placed on leave to heal from his share of on-set injuries just after filming Cheang Pou-Soi's S.P.L.: A Time For Consequences, and hopefully absence from the screen won't be a permanent one.

Nevertheless though, all the posters and trailers we've seen for this newest display of explosive commando warfare have been nothing short of reassuring that Wu himself has cut his teeth quite well enough to earn himself a feature film with this much spectacle. Here, he portrays a soldier with authority issues whose newly applied training to a special commando unit will pit him in the turrets of a bloodthirsty foreign merc, and his squad of highly-trained killers.

It's a perfect set up and one that may guarantee a great time at the movies, and for an IMAX/3D display at that. Unfortunately, the wait is a little longer with a date to be set for March in 2015 so let's bide our time until then with a bit of Wu's rebellious nature in three new posters added below.


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