Watch Aikawa Sho Battle Zombies In The New Teaser For Z-ISLAND!

I admit that I have not had the privilege to see a lot of beloved actor Aikawa Sho's films after just discovering him for myself as early as 2002 in the Kane Kosugi action vehicle, Muscle Heat. Although, of the few movies I have seen him in, I can fully understand why he has long been a fan favorite, and so am I, especially in lieu of last month's ceremonial crime thriller, 25 Nijyu-Go in which Aikawa starred, partaking in the 25-year celebration of Japanese V-Cinema entertainment.

Well, with the new year just around the corner, thankful fans can expect more to come from the iconic film star when he returns to the big screen in pure killing fashion with the new gangster horror slasher, Z-Island. Acclaimed director, Drop (2009) and One Third (2014) helmer Shinagawa Hiroshi directs this festive feature joining Aikawa with Kikaider Reboot (2014) co-star Tsurumi Shingo and Kamen Teacher (2013) co-star Yamamoto Maika for the film's release on May 16, 2015, marking Aikawa's stellar thirty-year career. And just how will this film go about it? A story of a outnumbered Yakuzas trapped on an island, fighting femmes and Aikawa riding a hog with a badass sword. You're welcome.

Ten years after the big fight, Munakata Hiroya (Aikawa) leader of the yakuza group Munakata-gumi, reunites with surrogate younger brother and ex-con Takashi (Tsurumi) upon his release from prison. When Takashi's daughter, Hyuga (Yamamoto) runs away from home in protest against seeing her father, the two, along with Munakata’s subordinate Shinya (Red Rice) follow her to Zeni Island where they find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and rescuing Hyuga will take a lot more than restrengthening the bond between father and daughter if they're going to make it out of the island alive!
The newest teaser is out and about, and you can check it out below!


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