Taylor Lautner Runs And Jumps For His Life In The New Trailer For TRACERS!

It's been a really long wait for any updates at all pertaining to the upcoming release of director Daniel Benmayor's parkour crime thriller, Tracers. Fortunately, a trailer is finally making the rounds online with releases pending in Thailand and France among others, while North America still awaits a release date of is own following the film's acquisition by Saban Films back in September.

The film stars Twilight Saga co-lead, actor Taylor Lautner in this, his second lead role in an action film following the 2011 thriller, Abduction, one of very few instances where we get to see what Lautner is capable of in showcasing his genuine talent as a martial artist. This time, Lautner is joined by actress Marie Avgeropoulos in a story centered on Cam a struggling New York City bike messenger whose chance meeting with a beautiful freerunner will literally take him on a journey of leaps and bounds as he gets swept away in the thrilling world of parkour, only to find himself one leap too far in the world of crime.

There isn't much to go by based on much of the parkour action here, even though there are a few impressive shots and it's safe to say you can expect to see some epic stuntwork in this latest cinematic transition of freerunning to the big screen. Watch the trailer below and watch this space for more news going into the new year!


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