RUN HOME JACK: Help Fund Enligh10 Media's New Martial Arts/Parkour Crime Short

The Austin, Texas branch of independent film company Enligh10 Media is less than a week from the end of their campaign to help fund their newest action-packed short, Run Home Jack. Shortfilm director Mathew Ruybal is set to helm the project with his own script, telling of a mild-mannered introvert in his 30's whose chance encounter with a group of men seeking to hire him for his "skills" puts him in a moral dilemma that forces him to choose between his new life, or a return to that which he once thought to have abandoned for good.

They have a cast and crew ready to go whilst enlisting the services of Texas-based martial arts coordinator and producer, Lascelles McCarthy III and Robert Brown of I Am Water stunt team, designing the hybrid of stylish martial arts, gun play and freerunning that fans of the genre can expect. If funding is successful, production is expected to commense for four days between December 22 thru the 28 before a festival run and hopeful SVOD distribution next year. For now though, first things first.

The current crowdsoucing campaign for Run Home Jack can be found over at Seed And Spark where you will find a video hosted by Ruybal with a meaty selection of clips from some of the latest martial arts action movies to highlight what they have in mind, including The Raid, The Transporter 3 and Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning to name a few. In addition, McCarthy has just unveiled a small pre-viz teaser showcasing performances by Tommy Morgan and the I Am Water stunt team which you can check out via their Facebook page to which you may also subscribe.

Special thanks to Lascelles McCarthy for reaching out!


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