Reel Time: MARINA VORUZ (2014)

More often than not, there's always the usual shortfall of discovering a page with fundrasing campaign that has already ended for a project that looks like it would have been appealing to talk about had I caught the damn thing in time. That said, I want to help shed some light on something that really blew me away over the weekend.

Meet Kyrgyz American actress, fitness model and filmmaker as of late, Marina Voruz whose brewing career in the last ten years here in the states will finally see her on the big screen as of next year. Meanwhile, she has also been busy working on her inspired new shortfilm, Blue Hope, a story about two lovers and assassins, Lana and Jack, who come to a deadly impasse when Lana finally re-emerges following her sudden disappearance long before.

The project initially fell short on Kickstarter over the summer. Needless to say though, Voruz had every clear intention of bringing this gem to life, on top of acclimating to the demands of the awesome fight action to be included. Thankfully, we won't have to wait long now that she's including some amazing new footage in the first half of her new acting reel, and if I may say so myself, Voruz is looking mighty fierce!

Actor and awarded martial artist Austin Jorgensen stars alongside Voruz as well as co-directs. Blue Hope is currently in post production and is expected to be complete at the end of the month, so check back later for the full trailer and pending release. In the meantime, watch Voruz's new reel in the player below and take notice!


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