Kung Fu Comedy, Drama, R-Rated Superheroics And Much More In This Week's Shorts Collection!

BAD CHOICE Cast From L to R: Phong Giang, Renae Moneymaker, Sam Hargrave, Cha-Lee Yoon and Can Aydin
I gotta say, this past week has been a bit exhausting. But thankfully, I was able to keep up just a bit in time to collect these new treats I know you guys might enjoy, especially if you follow comic book lore, or even silly comedy among today's selection.

First up, now how about this? A short-duration kung fu movie spoof attributed to Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers classics? I can dig it! And here we are this week with the brand new comedy, Way Of The Touch, written by actors Nick Phan and director Giancarlo Montalbano. Take a look below right now, bad dubbing and grainy footage and all!

Next is a segment of an unfinished project with performances by independent action filmmaker Darren Holmquist and performer Martin Chan. The clip was filmed about a year and a half ago as part of a larger project which unfortunately fell apart due to some undisclosed inconveniences at the time. So as it stands unfinished, at least we get to see a bit more of Holmquist's application of "New Style" choreography. As for the project on hand at the time, maybe one day we will find out what that was. Who knows?

The next video you're about to see comes from stunt performer, actor up-and-coming director Kevin Barile, moving up in the world of action on film as we speak. Nowadays, you'll likely find him working alongside top stunt coordinators like Art Camacho as of recent, having just completed The Chemist, as well as current involvement with co-choreographer Mario Rocha on the set of the upcoming sequel, Samurai Cop: Deadly Vengeance with lead actor Matt Hannon. However, Barile is currently planning to launch fundraising in January for his feature directorial debut titled Saving Sara, and to help sell his concept to the observing public, he's got a tasty clip online featuring Rocha and co-star Mark Craig headlining the story of two men who cross paths while on their own missions to save the life of the same girl. Details are pending, but do watch the clip, and by all means, save some money to spare by next month!

The next one I'll list here has already gotten off to a wicked start since releasing online last Wednesday. The new action short, Bad Choice is the latest gem from German martial arts action stunt team, Reel Deal Action, following their recent collaborative efforts with Hollywood stunt performers, sisters Heidi and Renae Moneymaker, and 87 Eleven Action Design's own Sam Hargrave for Behind Every Great Man.

Without argument, their work together has been nothing short of mind blowing this year, and we'll be fortunate to see more of it in 2015 on a larger scale. In the meantime, Bad Choice is nothing short of an even better choice to spend a few minutes online to watch and enjoy something truly awesome.

This next piece here is an extension of a previous clip released online by filmmaker Shaun Charney whose recent efforts on his conceptual webseries, Agent Odyssey are taking some time to come to fruition. So as it stands, what we now have is a full version of a comprehensive fight scene between performers PeiPei Alena Yuan and Anna Ranoso with an interesting set up to accompany it, and if you haven't seen the previous video yet, then consider yourself rewarded as you will definitely enjoy watching these two in action below.

Up next, following last year's electrifying video is a brand new showreel from the U.K.'s own tandem martial arts duo Team NRG titled Silhouettez. Featuring Trey "Showtime" Drysdale and Craig Canning, the new reel was specifically designed to further showcase their respective talents with a hybridized demonstration of martial arts, tricking and hip hop dance. It's got a little bit of almost everything and it's an impressive sight to see if you're into things like this, and I'm eager to see how they step it up nexr year.

Dipping into the comic book universe for just a bit, I want to especially thank stuntman Andrew J. Neis for introducing us to his most recent participation with action directors and filmmakers, Phillip Forteza and Jonathan Tran who have just released the latest shortfilm from their Kai Action Team banner, Beyond: Rebirth. The project is a great little gem attributed to the DC universe in its own way and has some lovely little nuggets inside, including great action, some nice acting, and a really sick costume unveiling at the end you might like. Take a look below, in addition to Neis's own new stunt coordinator reel just beneath!

Another shout out goes to Kung Fu Kingdom's own Brad Curran who took some time the other day to attend this year's Jekyll Island Comic-Con where he sat among an audience to observe a fifteen minute preview of the new shortfilm, Deadpool And Black Panther: Back In Red & Black from Alternative Reality Productions and Halo Union Prodictions. It certainly serves as one of several recent examples of a possibly growing trend among fans who are eager to see a Marvel character spill some blood on the big screen, examples (see Jesse Johnson, D.A. Jackson and Shawn Baichoo for starters) for which the responses have otherwise been crazy positive. And if that's the case, then you may be delighted to catch this little gem, starring writer and director Garrett Dumas as Deadpool and Carnell Holley as Black Panther.

The next clip is one in a handful of work now on display for Australia's Chai Sing Tong Kung Fu Academy where Sifu Robert Chen and filmmaker Nathan Colquhoun are on deck to complete their latest independent martial arts feature, The Challenge Letter by June 2015. In the meantime, feel free to take a gander at the test fight uploaded this past summer with performances Chen and actor Pierce Pozingis in a very solid fight sequence depicting one blind man's fight against an attacker. It's got some "oomf!" to it!

Up next is another hard-hitting bit with actor and stuntman David Conk arraging another amazing little fight choreography gem, this time with Ben Aycrigg and Josh Murillo performing some pretty kick ass hand-to-hand and weapons-based fight action. It's truly fulfilling to see this as Conk continues to solidify his brand since starting his team, Wolf Stunts awhile back, and I can't wait to see more of it.

Here, we have the latest stunt reel featuring Thailand-based action director Brahim Achabbakhe at work with his new team, Brahim Action Design. Achabbakhe started making some significant waves a few years ago stepping up from stunt man to stunt coordinator on set of Isaac Florentine's Ninja 2 as well as Kazu Tang's debut short, Marksmen, followed by his services on the set of Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge. He's currently lending his craft to the set of The Mechanic: Resurrection before next working on Jonathan Milton Branton's new movie, Relentless with more to come into the new year, and to kick things off, his latest reel has gone viral which you can check out below.

And last but not least, actor and filmmaker Kyle Wong's spiritual ode to literature and kung fu is now online with his newest installment, Avici: Part 3. The trilogy is the latest work from Wong and his Canada-based team, Black Ice 140 Productions, with a story led by Wong in the role trapped in an unnamed martial arts hell with no choice but to fighting his way out, never knowing when the fighting will end.

While rough around the edges, there's definitely some great choreography to observe as Wong executes almost all the right elements to illuminate the creativity seen here. Plus, it's an original concept, and the world of action films can always use more of those, and I highly recommend this as part of your experience.

All three parts are now available on the channel through the player below where you may watch a condensed version of all three if you so choose. (You may need earphones for this one as well).

Subscribe to these channels right now, and if you have a QUALITY action-project you would like to get talked about, email us at filmcombatsyndicate@gmail.com (P.S. - I'm not a producer, so no asking for hookups.)


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