Darren Shahlavi Takes Aim In His Own Character Poster For ZAMBO DENDE

Actor and martial artist Darren Shahlavi is currently working on the latest reimagining of the 1989 martial arts drama, Kickboxer, for which the production just wrapped things up in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend with more to come. In the meantime, one other project harnessing curious onlookers is the forthcoming release of Riccardo Gabrielli R's live-action shortfilm take on the 7G Comics property, Zambo Dende, in which he plays one of the main villains, Pistol. Check it out below!

Photography: Andres Valcarcel & Felipe Rubio / Poster Design: Felipe Arciniegas

UPDATE - 3:55pm EST: New BTS set pic!

Based on the work of author and illustrator Nicolas Rodriguez, the story of Zambo Dende is set in 16th century Latin America where a child named Azuk, born into oppression, ultimately learns where his heroic destiny lies when he becomes of age. Action star Marko Zaror is tapped to play the title role, and the production is sure to keep teasing fans on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until we finally get to see Zaror in costume. For now though, this will do.

Shahlavi is also expected to appear in Ernie Barbarash's Asian crime thriller, Pound Of Flesh next year as Zambo Dende prepares to take off. Zaror and Shahlavi are joined by actress Michelle Lee, and actors Esteban Cueto and Tait Fletcher. Check out the other character posters in the gallery below.

Special thanks to Samara Acosta Giraldo for the tip!


  1. Really excited for this film! Didn't know it was only going to be a short film, so that's a bit of a bummer... But hopefully it's nonstop action & they make every minute with Zaror count!! Love the art direction & can't wait to see this whenever it makes its way to America :)


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