BEYOND SKYLINE: Tweet Roundup!

10/30/15: It's been MONTHS since director Liam O'Donnell's latest Beyond Skyline, wrapped principal photography. That said, with any luck we'll see a teaser VERY soon in a promising fashion following the lackluster first film...and by promising, I mean actor Frank Grillo in the good company of Indonesian action stars Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian delivering the brutal action as they take on deadly aliens.

So, no footage for now, but Grillo has a few new stills up courtesy of his Instagram page. Take a look, and stay tuned for more info after this!

2/9/15: There's not much to go on here with director Liam O'Donnell's sci-fi follow-up, Beyond Skyline just about finished with filming over in Indonesia with a good amount of post-production work now left to complete. However, with action star and choreographer Iko Uwais now focused on his efforts with filmmaker Gareth Evans for the current development of Blister and actor Frank Grillo at home in New York City after a month in and out Indonesia filming, it doesn't mean the hype is over, and for Grillo, it's barely just started. Uwais's work on the 2011 thriller, The Raid has left quite an impression on Grillo upon deciding not to work on an upcoming remake of the same film just recently, so it's easy to see how the actor's first-hand experience with the crew overseas could gin up some expectations, as indicated by Grillo's notable hashtag, #RaidMeetsSkyline which he's been using for a while now.

Of course, we'll know if such trendy lingo is fitting for the film's substance and hopefully a teaser will arrive soon enough to illustrate just how much of it will bode as a more stellar sequel to its predecessor. Practical effects and costumes and a hybridized form of alien combat with Silat elements to highlight Uwais's signature choreography seems like a sure way to go, so I say bring it! I'm ready!

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1/30/15: It's been a while since we've seen this lot together, and even longer since I shared any of the social media blurbs from the cast of Beyond Skyline, but actor Frank Grillo is already back on set following holiday break and filming what looks to be a superb, nonlinear sequel to the 2012 film. Liam O'Donnell is directing with the goal of bringing a thrilling, R-rated feature film with practical effects and costumes to help further suit the authenticity.

So, no Grillo in the Raid remake, but we've got a great team headlining this particular gem. Stay tuned!

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12/20/14: Meet Edge Of Darkness (2009) and Devil (2010) co-star, actress Bojana Novakovic who is getting in a few rounds between filming scenes with Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais. There sill is not a lot to go by here regarding what the plot will entail, although its great to see these little snapshots in between. Clearly they're having a great time working on this film and hopefully we'll have an even greater time watching it.

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As for Grillo's and Uwais's involvement on a remake of The Raid ....well, that remains to be seen as the search for the right people to help echo what made the original so fantastic is turning out to be more and more of a challenge than preferred. Grillo briefly talks about that here among other topics, but for now, we have Beyond Skyline and the prospects that lie ahead.

By the way, I humbly refuse to believe there is no suitable talent to join Grillo and Uwais in bringing a proper reimagining of The Raidto life. I write about this stuff everyday, so this shouldn't be too difficult in my opinion. So if you're reading this and you want in, I guess you can either let this guy know, or perhaps let these people know who you are. :-)

12/17/14: Granted, there probably won't be a lot of news during the production of this film and a lot of the social media bits will be here and there, but these were still exciting to come across. Director Liam O'Donnell's Beyond Skyline is now well underway with filming in Indonesia for a release sometime next year and time will tell when the next big piece of news will come. In the meantime, it kinda sucks I didn't find this little gem sitting on actor and action director Iko Uwais's Instagram account...hell, I didn't even know he was on Instagram, so there you go! Haha

Anyway, here's a little something from a few weeks ago:

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...And here are some more recent bits!

Una foto pubblicata da Frank Grillo (@frankgrillo1) in data:

Ett foto publicerat av Frank Grillo (@frankgrillo1)

12/14/14: A few days have passed with info slowly trickling out about director Liam O'Donnell's sequel thriller, Beyond Skyline. Indeed, it's very early and in any and all major details are better kept underwraps in the best interests of the cast and crew as well as the fans, but they've just wrapped up filming on Sunday with O'Donnell and actors Frank Grillo, Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian on set, and as you can see in the exchanges below, morale is pretty high.

Check it all out below and much more!

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12/10/14: To be honest, I have never been more excited with following people on Twitter than I am now.

While the first film does draw some heavy criticism, its upcoming sequel, Beyond Skyline is quickly and seemingly becoming one of the most highly anticipated improvements to the franchise. I still have to see the first film, but I'm excited to by what is happening nowadays. Most fans, of course, are still eager to learn more about the upcoming remake of The Raid, although it would be wise to just wait that out a little longer for the time being.

This is a crew that certainly appears to apply a sense of magic to everything it touches, and they've done this three times now, so much like for Killers co-helmer Timo Tjahjanto's The Night Comes For Us, the prospects for Beyond Skyline are definitely way upward. Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and their team are part of a new wave of filmmakers helping redefine cinematic action for a new generation. And for this, I think it's safe to say Grillo and writer/director Liam O'Donnell are in great company!

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UPDATE - 4:50pm: Actor Frank Grillo rose some curiousity earlier regarding a photo he shared in training with actor and choreographer Iko Uwais and his team for what was either pre-production on the upcoming remake of The Raid or the sci-fi action sequel, Beyond Skyline. Just moments ago, however,Grillo confirmed that the training now underway would be for the latter, with another new photo you can check out below:

This lends a bit more curiousity as to just what is happening for The Raid, although anyone looking forward to a potentially kick-ass sci-fi actioner with some Silat-infused alien combat will be in for a real treat!


In case you had any reason to dim your excitement with all the slowly trickling news regarding actor Frank Grillo's involvment with Indonesian action director and film star Iko Uwais and his team, think again! Grillo shared a new photo via twitter not too long ago in training over in Indonesia. Take a look:

Grillo's activity with Uwais currently spans director Patrick Hughes' forthcoming American remake of director Gareth Evans' 2011 crime thriller, The Raid, and as of last month, an upcoming sequel to the 2011 sci-fi flick, Beyond Skyline with both actors set to star. Grillo doesn't make clear which film the team will be working on first between the two, although it is easy to guess it could very well be the former, considering production was pushed back to early next year, in addition to the film being the subject of a recent interview in which he discussed the crew's emphasis on taking as much time as possible to get the action right.

XYZ Films is producing The Raid for Screen Gems with Evans executive producing and Brad Inglesby writing while Skyline directors Colin and Greg Strause will produce Beyond Skyline with writer/director Liam O'Donnell. No dates are set as of yet, but watch this space as the new year approaches.


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